What foods are high in minerals?

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In Health
Fruit Sources

Vegetable Sources
Squash - summer
Lima Beans
Squash - winter

Nut and Seed Sources
Brazil Nuts
Sunflower Seeds
Pumpkin Seeds
Pine Nuts/Pignolias Be careful as you can overdose on minerals.
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What are mineral nutrient in food?

Some of the minerals that are found in food are calcium, fluorine, iodine, iron, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. These are all the ones that were spoken about in the class I am taken, so there may be more than this, but these are the basic ones that I know about. I hope that this can solve your questio (MORE)

What are food minerals?

\nMinerals are in fruits and vegetables. They help your body grow, develop, and stay healthy.

What mineral is found in french foods?

Just about any mineral found in healthy food. The French are somewhat more likely to eat fresh vegetables than Americans, so they get a pretty good cross-section of vitamins and minerals.

What foods have minerals?

Fruits, vegetables, meat, grain and dairy products contain most of the minerals we need to maintain good health.

What types of foods contain minerals?

The types of foods that contain minerals are water, milk, and anything with sodium and magnesium. The vast majority contain traces of minerals The foods that contain minerals are oranges

What food contains minerals?

Fruits, vegetables, meat, grain and dairy products contain most ofthe minerals we need to maintain good health.

Why are minerals important to your body and what foods deplete them?

Except for iron (used in red blood cells), "minerals" are used in only trace amounts. Mostly a single atom is used along with a protein to make an enzime (a biological catilist) so that a lot of the time you only need a trillion or so atoms. No foods deplete them, minerals are found in me (MORE)

Which foods have minerals?

There are many foods with minerals. The most mineral rich foodsinclude fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes, bananas,spinach, broccoli, and celery.

What foods can minerals be found in?

Most natural, unprocessed foods - both plant based and animal based - contain various minerals in varying quantities. Certain processed foods may be enriched with artificially added minerals. For example, calcium is often added to orange juice.

What foods are minerals found in?

nuts . broccoli, curly kale, okra, spinach, watercress . dried apricot and figs . mackerel, oysters, pilchards, salmon, sardines . pulses, sesame seeds . tofu . calcium-enriched soya cheeses and milks. . dairy products . blackcurrants, prunes, raisins . beans (including baked beans), lentil (MORE)

What foods have vitamins and minerals?

Many foods have minerals in them, some are fresh fruits like kiwi, apples, bananas, peaches, and pineapple Also there is fresh vegetables that have minerals, there's broccoli, green beans peas cabbage, lettuce, and corn.

Which foods are high risk foods?

High-risk foods can be defines as "any ready-to-eat food that will support the growth of pathogenic bacteria easily and does not require any further heat treatment or cooking". These types of foods are more likely to be implicated as vehicles of food poisoning organisms consumed in food poisoning in (MORE)

What are the 2 main groups of minerals in food?

The minerals found in food can be categorized into two groups; macrominerals, and trace minerals. Macrominerals are usually found in large quantities in food, and are required in larger quantities for the body. Trace minerals are found in small amounts in food, and are needed in smaller amounts in t (MORE)

Which foods are 'High Risk' foods?

It all depends on you. If you have very high blood pressure, then foods such as ramen or soy sauce would not be a good choice. Still, even with people with a low cholesterol or fat amount in their bodies, it's still probably a good choice to stay away from fatty or high-sugar substances.

What food did the gold rush miners eat?

They ate a lot of beans and pork because those kept well and littleelse. They had flour and sourdough to make bread and biscuits andflapjacks. They had coffee. They had game. Everything else was infairly short supply and was sold at highly inflated prices becauseof the amount of gold in circulation (MORE)

What foods do you find minerals in?

There are minerals in all food. Mainly unprocessed or food that is more in its natural state. Basically fruits and vegetables, but it all depends on what type of minerals you want and need.

What are some foods rich in minerals?

Well I will give you a list here... Its not a lie OK because I'm a doctor and i Know whats good for you. Heres the list Eggs, all kinds of fruit, all kinds of vegetables, Wheat, Grain like Bread, and stuff like that. Especially MIlK is way to good for you.

What foods are high satiety foods?

Foods that are high in fiber. Fiber is slow to digest, thus it keeps one feeling fuller longer. Whole grain breads, and pastas. Beans and other legumes are high in fiber.

What food provides bees with minerals?

There can be a very small amount of minerals and vitamins (mainly vitamins B and C) in nectar, but this is mainly carbohydrate. Bees also eat pollen, which provides them with protein, lipids, and other vitamins and minerals.

What foods contains the mineral tin?

Most vegetables and fruits contain at least a small trace of tin.The amount contained may vary according to soil in region grown.Licorice and kelp are also good sources of tin.

What food and drink did gold miners eat?

During the California Gold Rush, beginning in 1848, the miners usually what they could afford and what was availible. The meals mostly consisted of beans, bacon, or local game. These foods were usually cooked over an open fire.

What type of foods are rich in minerals?

Water would be full of minerals. Also anything that contains water would be rich in minerals. For example orange juice. Fish is another good example of food that would be rich in minerals.

What food is vitamins and minerals found in?

they are found in fruit and vegetables vitamin c can be found in strawberries, persimmon, citrus fruits, papaya, kiwi and pineapple. Apricots, avocado, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, Chinese pears, cranberries, grapes, kiwi, loganberries, mango, mulberries, pears, plums and pomegra (MORE)

Is there Examples of foods that have vitamins and minerals?

. It's possibe to say that all vegetables, fruits and grains have vitamins and minerals. If you don't have problems of absorption in your digestive system, you can get all the vitamins, minerals, and enzimes from the species of food mentioned above) If you are underweight although eating enou (MORE)

Why are vitamins water and minerals not considered food?

I know that water isnt a food because Water is a liquid that hydrates and moisturizes our body when we are hungry or dehydrated. Water contains no nutrients that our body specifically needs, and has no fats, carbs, or proteins. -Answer Ninja 13

What food gives us minerals?

All foods other than sugar. Flour is now supplemented with vitamins and minerals. All meat and fruit/veg also contain minerals.

What food did gold miners eat?

They ate a lot of beans and pork because those kept well and little else. They had flour and sourdough to make bread and biscuits and flapjacks. They had coffee. They had game. Everything else was in fairly short supply and was sold at highly inflated prices because of the amount of gold in circulat (MORE)

Does water and food have minerals?

Food contains minerals. Pure water (perfectly distilled water) contains no minerals, but naturally occurring water (lakes, oceans, streams, underground water) contains dissolved minerals.

Who was poisoning the food on miner details?

Mia was poisoning the food on miner details because her dad owned the vending machines. So by making every one think that the cafeteria food was poisoned, it meant that every one was buying food from the vending machines, which meant that she had enough money to go to modeling camp.

What are the 6 examples of food minerals?

The term food mineral(s) is something of a misnomer. They are actually a number of chemical elements, which when taken in supplement form, are actually in the form of a soluble salt containing one or more of the elements which is essential to life in some manner. Calcium and iron are most mentioned (MORE)

Are minerals food?

Minerals are nutrients, which are part of food. These are what helpnourish the body, but the body cannot survive on minerals alone.