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Silica is plentiful in many fibrous foods such as celery, peppers, carrots, potatoes, unrefined grains and cereals and beets. Silica is found in hemp leaves, nettles leaves and horesetail (tremendous source). Other herbal sources of silicon include alfalfa, blue cohosh, chickweed, cornsilk, dandelion, horsetail, red raspberry, Alfafla, Oat straw and stinging nettle. And, don't forget that Silica is also found in the shiny fruits and veggies such as red peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers
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Why is silica rich magma explosive?

This is because silica-rich magma is thicker. The thicker the magma, the chance for the dissolved gas in there to escape is less likely. This causes an explosion. When the gas

Why is silica-rich magma more dangerous than iron-rich magma?

The silica-rich magma, also called felsic magma, is more viscous  than iron-rich or mafic magma. This means resists flow more (just  as syrup is more viscous than water). Th

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What are rich foods?

Rich foods are often those with cream sauces. They could also be  desserts that are filled with chocolate, whipped cream and other  high calorie items.

What foods contain silica?

Foods that contain silica are cucumbers and melons. These help  skin, eyes, nails and hair remain healthy.