What foods have only 3 letters in it?

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cod (fish)
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What are foods with only 4 letters?

milk (if that's a food), bean, peas, pear, corn, rice, oats, chip, soup, lava (lol joking), meat, beef, lamb, pork, fish, tuna, spam, hams, cake, etc.

What fruits have only 3 letters?

'pea' has three letters, but I'm not sure if it is considered a fruit... *technically a pea is a fruit because it has the seeds. So is a cucumber / tomato/ bean. Can onl

Why do food chains consist of only 3 to 4 levels?

only 10% of the energy obtained by an organism is transferred to the next level so after 3 or 4 levels only very little energy remains so furthur level maynot get any energy a
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Why do food chains only have 3 or 4 levels?

Well, the only way to explain this is to think mathematically. At the bottom level are plants. Let's say they absorb about 10% of the Sun's energy to convert to food. Then ani
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What food only has 3 letters?

Cod (fish) Egg fig(fruit) nut(all nuts)
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Why do some food chain only have 3 or 4 links?

because of Ten Percent Law. Energy reduces by 10% when it goes to next Trophic level in food chain. For Example: Grass----Grasshopper----Rabit-----Sanke---Eagle Eagle wi