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ADHD kids are sensitive to sugar, and will be bouncing off the walls for hours if they eat some candy on an empty stomach. You have probably also noticed other food sensitivities in your ADHD child, such as to wheat, dairy products, or certain food colorings or preservatives.

Best bet is NO candy (except the kind made for diabetics), NO cookies or cakes, and VERY little simple white starches (rice, bread, pasta, mashed potatoes), no sodas, no fruit juices. Notify his friend's parents that he can't have sugary things, cookies, or sodas. The little bit of 'cheats' once or twice a week won't hurt him, but if he goes too hyper, he might not be invited back.

Fill up on LOTS of vegetables, fish, 3-4oz lean meats, legumes, nuts, eggs, milk or soy milk (not rice milk), and 'real' fruits. Olive and/or fresh flaxseed Oil in dressings or marinades is good. Crockpot meat or bean+vegetable stews and soups is a good way to 'hide' vegetables. For snacks, put peanut butter on celery or apples, set out a plate of quartered oranges, or a bowl of berries and grapes with vanilla yogurt. Fructose is OK. Eating a little every 3 hours is best (3 meals, +2 snacks inbetween) and each meal AND snack should have 10-30 gms of protein.

Example: 7am brkfst/10am snack/ 12:30 lunch/ 3:30 snack/ 7pm dinner/9 bed

Anyone at or below their ideal weight can add in some complex low-glycemic carbs, such as yams, beans, whole or sprouted grains, and cut oats.

The other thing with high-energy kids is that you have to run them, literally. Get them in soccer or track, where they are running for 2 hours every day. Most of the ADHD kids love it and do quite well in running-based sports.

Also recommend a high-quality 'Optimal' multi-vitamin from a Vitamin specialty store, a manufacturers rep (found online), or through your doctor; NOT the sugary tablets at CVS or the grocery store. NutriSearch has a good Nutritional Guides and it tells you what each vitamin actually does and how it helps, then ranks 1500 various brands on quality and completeness. Look for the 2011 or 2012 editions.

Many times behavior and health problems can be related back to a minor chemical imbalance in the body or a chemical sensitivity, and given the proper micro-nutrients the body needs plus avoidance of the irritants, it can heal itself.

Since my A.D.D. son (who also runs or rollerblades a lot) has started on the Ariix vitamins+minerals+ Rejuveniix and cut out the junk food, he has found he can now stop taking his Aderall and still concentrate enough to read his homework. All-natural Rejuveniix is full of super-fruits and anti-oxidants and was designed to help with concentration, energy AND the quality of sleep.

Per the latest Nutrisearch Comparitive Guide to Nutritional Supplements, some of the top North American multi-vitamin brands are Ariix, Truestar, Usana, Douglas Labs, and Creating Wellness. They have NO lead, mercury, or pesticides, unlike the other non-certified manufacturers, and also have close to the optimal amounts and full-complexes of each vitamin.

The above low-glycemic diet plan is good for ALL members of your famly, too. -- For more info: Read Dr. Strand's book 'Healthy for Life' and see (Netflix) video 'Food Matters'.
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