What foods should you eat if you have fibroid and which foods should you avoid?

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I have a 16cm fibroid that I am trying to shrink by changing my diet. I dont know for certainty the answer to your question but I have read that is best to avoid soy, all dairy and meat products. They say to eat lower fat foods and to stay away from processed foods and eat more organic foods. I do that but I can't say for sure if the change in my diet is working or not. I recommend you talk to your own physician to find out which diet is best for you.
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What food should diabetics avoid?

People with diabetes should avoid foods that are high in simple sugars or fast acting carbohydrates. Examples of fast acting carbohydrates are glucose, sucrose, and fructose. These are common sweeteners used in candy and desserts, or anything that is naturally sweet. A person with diabetes should al (MORE)

If you are diabetic what foods should you absolutely avoid?

i guess sugar and avoid too much rice and those rich in carbohydrates. They say to avoid : 1. fat omega-6 is an obstacle in reaching glucose to cells so all synthetic oil foods 2. rich carbohydrates and low cellulose foods e.g. potato n rice 3.food containing rich sugar which instantly increase blo (MORE)

What foods should you eat if you take Cholchicine and which foods should you avoid?

There's a great tool on the Whole Foods website called "Healthnotes," where you can look up nutritional indications and contraindications for medications. Here's where to go: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/wholebody/healthnotes/index.html Go down to the bottom and click on "Safety Checker". T (MORE)

Why should you avoid junk foods?

It prevents us from getting diabetes, high cholesterol, and lower the obesity rate in our country, and you can have a much healthier life style eating right.

If you are diabetic what foods should you avoid?

Mostly, think white flour... bread, donuts, pasta, white rice, andother products made from white flour. People always reply "Soda,candy" but it's the white flour carbs. You need a balanced numberof carbs, proteins, fats, and watchful over sugar. But white flourproducts convert to blood sugar (glucos (MORE)

What foods should you avoid if you have goiter?

Avoid those over- processed and refined foods Such as white breads, white flour, and basic junk foods. These don't offer much nutritional value and can contribute to problems with insulin resistance and hormonal difficulties. Keep away from giotrogenic foods like cabbage, broccoli, mustard, spinach, (MORE)

What foods should cats avoid?

Answer: everything but catfood and grass Answer: There are many human foods that are toxic to a cat: Chocolate - Can affect the heart and nervous system causing excitement / nervousness / trembling, vomiting / diarrhoea, seizures, muscle spasms, coma and death. Caffeine - Can affect the h (MORE)

What food should you avoid if you have psoriasis?

i am a psoriatic patient i got this affected from the age of seven , now i am 42yrs , from my experience i suggest all psoriatic patients to avoid sea foods , brinjals , beef and more of coffee ,

What food should you avoid when pregnant?

any unpasturised cheeses - soft cheeses like Brie and camembert things with raw eggs in like home-made mayonaise (although the shop bought stuff is ok prawns nuts alcohol too much caffiene

What Food you should avoid eating when trying to become pregnant?

Well you should first try to start eliminating the junk food, fast food, etc. diet. As part of an American society our life is often dependent upon these foods so while I advise not to eat them when possible I understand there are times when it is necessarily so I encourage you to become familiar wi (MORE)

What foods should you eat to avoid scurvy?

Scurvy is caused by a lack of vitamin C. All citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit), as well as potatoes (skin on) will keep a person from getting Scurvy.

Why junk food should be avoided?

junk food should be avoided because it is containing calories,fats and much more it can cause cancer ,stroke , blood, pressure, diabetes etc junk food you can eat but you should not eat it daily

Why should you avoid eating junk food?

because its generally bad for you! your body functions much better on healthy foods and also improves your hair and skin. eating too much junk can increase the risk of heart desease, diabetes, cancer, depression and many more. The key with almost anything is moderation a little bit ok fine but lots (MORE)

Why should you avoid junk food?

Junk food brings a plethora of diseases for you and creates disturbance in your healthy life. When you eat more and more junk food which are typically high in fats, sugars, and calories, you actually become eligible for obesity.

Why should you avoid fast food?

yes we should keep fast foods because its good to have fast food every once and a while but not all the time people just need to slow down on eating fast food and eat healthier foods

What cat foods should be avoided?

Supermarket brand cat foods should be avoided. Supermarket brand cat food is the worst food you can feed your cat. Most supermarket brands -- such as Purina, Friskies, Whiskas, Fancy Feast, Tender Vittles, etc., etc. -- are made with extremely low-quality "meat." It is actually really disgusting (MORE)

What foods should rabbits avoid?

any and all human foods must be avoided avoid iceberg lettuce (yes, despite what you may have been told) do not let them chew on household plants (can be poisonous) NO peas, seeds, corn, onions or chocolate

What foods should be avoided from dogs?

Foods that should be avoided from dogs: onions, raisins, grapes, garlic, chocolate, caffeine, alcoholic beverages, baby food, bones from ANY meat source, cat food, human vitamin supplements containing iron, large amounts of liver, macadamia nuts, dairy products, moldy or spoiled food, the pits fro (MORE)

Which foods should you avoid?

If You're Trying To Lose Weight: You should avoid Asian foods like chicken lomein or egg rolls because of the high MSG factor. You should also try to stay away from unhealthy snacks. Instead of a cookie, try an apple with peanut butter. Instead of a bag of potato chips, try some yogurt or jello. It (MORE)

If you have a thyroid issue what foods should you avoid?

That would depend on what kind of thyroid issue you have. If you have a under active thyroid (hypohtyroid) omega oils are very important, fish oils, but not flax seed oil which lessens the uptake of iodine. Veggies like carrots asparagus, tomatos and spinach as well as apricots fresh or dried and (MORE)

What foods should dogs avoid?

pork, ham, chocolate, grapes, you can google that and get more information. it is BEST IF DOGS EAT DOD FOOD. human food can hurt there digestive system.

What foods should you avoid if you have bronchiectasis?

According to the US National Institutes of Health site (see link in related links section), the only recommendation found about foods and nutrition in bronchiectasis includes getting plenty of fluids and eating a healthy diet while following a healthy lifestyle. Avoid sodium, solid fats, processed g (MORE)

What should you avoid if you have a food allergie?

Depends on what food allergies you have. The safest would be to eat raw food like fruits and veggies. You can have meats like chicken and steak plan with no seasoning except for maybe salt and pepper. If you stick to fresh fruits and veggies you should be fine.

What food should dogs avoid?

Chocolate, grapes, and a other human foods (Table scraps, etc.). It is always the best (and healthier) choice to feed dogs dog food.

What foods should avoid to prevent arthritis?

aside from having to avoid purine rich foods in the case of Gouty arthritis there is no definite evidence that there is any particular food that causes arthritis. There are over a hundred different forms of arthritis .

What foods should you avoid if you have colitis?

There are no dietary restrictions for colitis. Idiosyncrasy to certain foods has to be evaluated by trial and error and some may find that avoidance of highly spiced food and milk and diary products sometimes help.

What foods should runners avoid?

avoid things high in sugar and make sure to load up on carbs(such as pastas) the night before a race but mostly just make sure to try to avoid junk foods and sugars because they won't give you energy for long periods of times which is highly critical in distance running

What are the best foods to eat with diabetes and what should I avoid?

Avoid simple carbohydates - such as sugar, candies, cakes, pies, cookies, sodas and other sweets. It is also important to avoid excess caloric intake. The best foods to eat are whole grains, vegetables and fruits, along with legumes, chicken, turkey and fish (all without the skin). But, again, it (MORE)

What foods should you avoid when you have chickenpox?

There are no food restrictions when you have chickenpox. You can eat what you like. Not sure what you mean but if you mean food to prevent chickenpox there is none. There's not really a thing you can't eat when you have chicken pox. Just don't eat food your allergic to. Sorry if that's not the answe (MORE)

Why should exotic foods be avoided?

They should be avoided because they could have diseases we aren't used to, or our bodies aren't used to them and it could make us sock unlike the people who live there.

Why should you avoid spicy food?

Yuo shouldn't totally avoid spicy food because it's good to have a varied diet. But only occaisionally because spicy food is normally very high in fat and sugars so it will make you fat if you eat too much! Also it can sometimes give you an upset tummy.

What foods should you avoid eating if you suffer from heartburn?

The best way to avoid heartburn is to eat healthy foods. Heartburn can be caused by fried, fatty, or greasy foods, and by thick, creamy dairy products. Eating baked or steamed food instead of fried food and lowfat milk products or soy milk products can cut down on heartburn from those sources. If th (MORE)

Which food should you avoid in typhoid?

Food, which is hard with rough fibres in it should be avoided in typhoid. There is no evidence to support this belief, but then you may be held responsible for not taking proper care. Patients also like to hear from you list of things to be done and list of thing not to be done.

Which dairy food should you avoid?

You don;t really need to avoid dairy foods. If you have a healthconcern you can ask a doctor or nutritionist what is best for you.SOme people say that we can get enough calcium from other sources,like meat, fruits, and vegetables, so that we really dont need toconsume dairy to have healthy bones.

What food should you avoid eating?

HotDogs- You may not realize but hotdogs are one of the most unhealthy foods you can put in your mouth, too much fat in them! Chicharronnes(Pork Meat)- It's like eating a bowl of grease! Chocolate Bars- I love them! But if you want to drop those pounds, try not to eat them that often. No Sodas- T (MORE)

Why should people avoid eating foods that contain GMOs?

People should avoid eating GMO foods for many reasons, including: . No long term human studies were done before GMO foods were released to consumers. . Questionable regulation by the United States FDA, USDA, and EPA. . Anecdotal evidence that GMO foods are harmful to human health. . Though GMO (MORE)

What foods should you avoid if you are diabetic?

Mostly, think white flour... bread, donuts, pasta, white rice, andother products made from white flour. People always reply "Soda,candy" but it's the white flour carbs. You need a balanced numberof carbs, proteins, fats, and watchful over sugar. But white flourproducts convert to blood sugar (glucos (MORE)