What football team does mark Owen support?

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MICHAEL Owen was born in Manchester he doesn't support man u or man city he supports Liverpool! and he said he always has if u don't believe me there's a video on youtube where he says it! Don't know about a Mark Owen
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In zanzibar do they support football teams?

Yes! People in Zanzibar are fanatical about football - they mainly support teams for the British Premier League, with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool being the favori
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What football teams do the wanted support?

Nathan Sykes - Manchester United Jay McGuiness - Celtic Siva Kaneswaran - Manchester City or Bolton Tom Parker - Bolton Wanderers Max George - Manchester City
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What is the point of supporting a football team?

A football team and its supporters can be like a family for many people, providing friendship and support. For others it's the pleasure of becoming immersed in the game, the s