What french words presto and digit mean optical illusion?

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- un prestidigitateur (the man doing the illusion), une prestidigitatrice (fem.). They are also called " illusioniste " or " magicien ".
- la prestidigitation (fem.) (the sleigh of hand itself).
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What does presto mean in french?

\nPresto is Italian and it means fast. In music it is used to denote velocity, normally indicating a (temporary) acceleration.

What is a optical illusion?

An optical illusion is something that tricks your brain into thinking an image is positioned or placed one way, but really is placed another way or has a multitude of position

What do optical illusions do?

They trick your brain.It could define logic.Take the vase and two people illusion.Focus on one of them.The one your focusing on is the foreground and the one your not is the b

How are optics and optical illusions related?

Optics is the study of how light (moreso Electromagnetic Radiation) travel and interact with objects (solid state physics, electrodynamics etc.). Optical illusions deal with h

Why have optical illusions?

I believe we have optical illusions to make our eyes and brains think in different ways then they normally think! Without optical illusions, we wouldn't look at things the way
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What word that comes from the french words pesto and digit that means to conjure or to create a magical illusion?

From French "preste" (nimble, quick) and the Latin "digitus" (finger), the French language adopted the words "prestidigitateur" (the person performing sleigh-of-hand tricks) a
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What is the meaning of presto?

In music presto means at a very fast tempo. It is from the Italian for quickly. Presto is used colloquially as an interjection to emphasis how suddenly something happens, a