What fuse do you use in an iron?

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13 Amp
My Iron uses this and I learnt this from AS physics on a task sheet
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What are uses of iron?

Iron is useful in our society today because iron is virtually used in everything : building ( bridge , highway , rail road , etc.) , transportation (car , train , boats , plan

Uses of iron?

-Making cars, trucks, and vans -Making steel -Making building supports -Making airplanes -Making Warships( Picture From the Front Page is a Destroyer) -Making Ships(

What can you use iron for?

You can use iron for a great many reasons including keeping yourbody from becoming anemic. You can also use iron to create tools.

What are the uses for iron?

Iron is used for many things in our society today, like, for example, buildings, transportation, and tools.

How is iron useful?

It's a very durable material, and can be made into many things, as well as reinforce them.

Is my iron faulty when I use it the fuses blow?

yes A more correct answer is "possibly." That may be the problem. It could also be that the iron is overloading the circuit and causing the fuse to blow. Depending on the h