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What is a gang?

A gang is a group of people ages from 10- and up,gangs do any thing to get what they want gangs will beat you down or even to "death" to be in a gang and you were a boy they would tell you to go and do a "mission' robbery or murder etc. If you were a girl you would get "sexed in" by all the the gang members twothey would get beat up by all the members and three you would roll the dice what ever number that die landed on that is how many people in the gang you have sex with.

What are gangs?

gang - an association of criminals; "police tried to break up the gang"; "a pack of thieves" . gang - crowd: an informal body of friends; "he still hangs out with the same crowd" . gang - an organized group of workmen . gang - tool consisting of a combination of implements arranged to work together

What stores hire 14 year olds in moreno valley?

sprint for human arrows hold signs have to be willing and energized pays 5 $ hour 12-4 20.00$ for one day days are sat-sun ill do it im 14

How many public elementarys middle school and high schools are there in Moreno Valley California that are required to wear school uniforms?

I pretty much think that half of them do because the school may be private or they are just entiteld to it. :P Enjoy. cool

How do you get in a gang?

it is mostly about if you have a record or not. but in most gangs you would have to kill 5-13 people Also in some gangs you are slapped in . if you are a girl then you have to have sex with two members to get If Your A Girl You Can Get Slapped Three Times On Each Check With A G On Your Back!!! beat in, boodin bloodout, blessed in, sexed in, repped in, doin a job

What do you have to do to be in a gang?

If you wish to be in an established gang engaging in criminal activity, you either have to shoot someone on your first robbery or break-in if you are a guy, or you have to throw dice and whichever number comes up is the number of men who are already in the gang that you have to have sex with. If it's a minor gang, you would probably have to do something slightly illegal on a dare to prove yourself worthy of the cause.

How can you get out of a gang?

Usually, there is no way out of a gang because when you join, the leader usually tell you that you're in it for life, until you die. Many people that I have spoke with that are in gangs have told me that they have had to move out of the state to get out of the gang. Others, have said they have been severely beaten every time they tried to get out. The best thing to do is seek help from law enforcement or simply move far away as possible from the gang. the best way to get out of a gang is by joining another gang which everyone knows you usually have to take a beat down by the gang members in order to get in a gang. another way to join a gang is by some how helping them out in some way whether it be money or even getting arrested for something you didn't do just any way you could help out.

What are the Ganges?

The Ganges is a river running from the Himalayan mountains through India to the Indian Ocean. The Gangees is a very sacred river for Hindus and they spread their deceased loved ones' ashes in it.

How do you get into a gang?

If you want to get into a gang you go find there blog (all gangs have blogs) then you give them your email and tell them alittle bit about yourself (make sure to us words such homie and yo) they will look over your application and email you back if you made it (you will eventually aquire a piece). Ok after this they will require you to d o an initiation thing. Itll probably be lasertag. If you win, you can join if you lose you get a consolation prize. Remember kids, Gangs are FUNN Friendly suggestions: if your white you should consider these option Latino Kings Bloods Crips these r the funnest of all gangs and involve the most lasertag games.

Did siddartha gautama die in the ganges valley?

Siddartha Gautama died in the Ganges Valley at 141 years old. Theexact date is unknown but it is believed to have happened around483 BC.

Who are professional athletes from moreno valley California?

Troy Percival went to MoVal High.... Solomon Bates went to Canyon Springs HS. Terell Smith went to Canyon springs

What is the latitude of Moreno Valley California?

Alesandro Blvd, pretty much in the heart of Moreno Valley, is at 33.917109 degrees North Latitude.. 33.917213,-117.261192. Go to google maps and enter 33.917213,-117.261192 in the search bar, and it will take you there.. Omegaman 2.0

What do you do in a gang?

Most gangs participate in the following: 1: Prostitution (Selling out ones body in exchange for usually money/drugs) 2: Drug trafficking (Transporting and Smuggling drugs) 3: Illegal Immigration (Smuggles illegal immigrants) 4: Hitman (Kill someone in exchange for turf, prisoner exchange, money, or drugs. Most common in suburban or metropolitan areas with high crime rates) 5: Gun Sales (In 1990s L.A., a small revolver in cost around $35. Ever since the current President Obama initiated gun taxes, it is possible that gangs may see this as a lucrative venture more often) 6: Protecting Each other (some small gangs simply exist to help one another) 7: Bribery of minor officials (if involved in major syndicates, then bribery of high government officials including the Senate) 8: Gang War (Occured often in U.S. during the 1990s, is often a minor skirmish. In case of heavy gang wars, Mexico is currently the most well-known one) 9: Gang Initiation Rituals (Some gangs like the ones in South Africa involve a strict ritual rite for every member becoming a part of their gang) 10: Illegal Products (From toys & CDs to a stolen Benz, these products are extremely poular to Asian crime organizations due to cheap labor) All in all, please note that getting involved with gangs, big or minor, often have a code of loyalty-leaving the gang means a severe beating or death. Joining gangs in the long term survival is risky. Generally, please refrain from doing so. __________________________________________________ You do whatever you are told to do.

What gangs are there out there?

Depends on your location. Here are a few South Side Surenos South Side Locos West Side Cartel West Side Crips West Side Locos West Side Poros West Side Assasins West Side Outlaws West Side 8 Ball West Side 5 Duece West Side White Warriors North Side Bloods North Side Lindsey North Side Varrio Youngsters East Side Ryders East Side Thugs East Side Varrio East Side Poros The Latin Kings Crips Bloods Brown Pride Surenos Court Street Locos Eightball (posse) Young Asian Boys Sluta 14 Wicked Ass Surenos Varrio Woodlake Varrioe Central Poros My Only Brothers Loco Park Barrio Sur Trece Seek and Destroy Kin Crazy White Boys Brown Side Therese Sweet Fourteen Catela Norte Evil Browns True Blue Gangsters Grape Street Watts Ghost Town Crips Hoover: 74 Rollin' 60's East Coast Crips Rollin' 20's Long Beach Raymond Ave Crip 102 Carver Park Compton Crips Gangster Disciples Mexican Mafia Colby Loop Crazy S.O.B.'s Cadillac Crips Cobras Jaguars White Gold ITZ Nuestra Familia Ghetto st. crips Bling Strings P-Bloc Jungles The Pink Ladies Poison Fist The Wild Bunch Wyrd Ones The Witches Wicked Clowns Wall Stree Click StreetKings Street Queens Thug Luiggi Purple Power Red Bloods MS-13 Folks Rollin' 20 Bloods Puro Bloods 135 Baccastreets Shotgun Crips G-Shine Bloods Elm Street Piru 88 Paybacc Crips Hover Crips Killa Gang 83rd Gangsta Crips Rich Rollin' 60's 96 Fronthood Crips 134 Allstars 131 Frontstreets 56 Crima Fame Son of Saints Black Bullets 34th street boyz And more

Why not be in gang?

\nbecause you could get killed. you could be doing much better things in life then fighting with other gangs. try going to college or finding a career

Traditionally the Ganges Valley and the Nile Valley have had comparatively high population densities because of their what?

Probably because of their yearly, somewhat predictable flooding, which caused great amounts of rich soil to be laid on the surrounding plains, and allowing agricultural resources to support a large population.

What did gangs do?

they take care of business that needs to be taken care of...no matter what the consequences are...they will do whatever they have to to protect their own gang and gang affiliations...

Can you get out of the gang?

No, sorry. If you were blessed in sometimes you can get blessed out, especially if you've been in for a while. Some have a policy called blood-in blood-out meening you gotta take or give a bullet to get in so you gotta do the same to get out. But most, if they find out you wanna leave will kill you on the spot and replace you with the person that killed you because then you're free to leak secrets, etc. ummm... i think that's it?

How do they get in gang?

theres differen ways to get in gangs. bloods you either can get stabbed or just jumped depends on the set. crip do the usaully beat the f outa u. latin kings are known to shoot your arms and legs. so it all depends on the gang.

What gangs do?

Gangs are a group a people who live on the streets and commit crimes like: graffiti, robbing stores, robbing houses, steeling cars, and drinking, smoking, and do drugs under age. Gangs fill a need in a youth culture that experiences a void. They feel like a group where you can belong in a world that has rejected or ignored you. Unfortunately, gangs are a negative influence, they destroy lives and any potential for a young person involved, and make neighborhoods a harsh and fearful place. Older members are those that have no hope of having a normal life, have not learned how to function in society, and often enjoy the power of manipulating the younger generation. Gangs don't benefit the individual or the community and in most cases bring both down.

What can you do about gangs?

You can't really do much about them. They're always going to be around, no matter what is done.

How do you be in gang?

Not a smart move unless you want to get shot. But you can start your own, or find some shady people hanging out on the streets. They know people.

Where to purchasE fireworks in moreno valley California?

Fireworks are illegal in riverside the least you can do is leaveriverside for july4 and buy and use them in the nearest city thatallows fireworks

Do the The Ganges and Brahmaputra River valleys converge?

The Ganges and Brahmaputra River valleys do converge. They convergein the country of Bangladesh and empty into the Bay of Bengal.

Does it snow in moreno valley mountains?

yes it does i have lived here for 10 years and it has snowed every year.

Where in Moreno Valley can a 10 year old volenteer at an Animal Shelter?

Probably not, but sometime animal shelters have classes or camps you can attend and learn how to help. You call call them and ask.

Can you get out of a gang?

Yes. Get a pair and be your own man. yes, but its dangerous and tough process

Who are the moreno valley rascals?

Moreno Varrio Rascals has been around since at the earliest late 80's, more likely the early 90s. Most active in the early to mid 1990's they are better listed among inactive gangs in the area. A number of older gangmembers have been incarcerated due to child abuse/ child rape, and continue to give the rest of the gang a bad name because of this. As of 2010, the majority of origanl gangmembers from this varrio are inactive in actual violent activity and have instead tended to switch to drug dealing, and easier crimes. Rascals gang has few allies in the area, and continue to drop in respect due to outside gangs (generally from the L.A. area) taking over, and holding the turf in Moreno Valley

Since the Aryan invasion of the Ganges Valley what has the Hindu religion been attempting to answer?

Hinduism is basically the attempt to reach perfection- or the Bhraman. Sometimes, we refer to it as Nirvana- the state of utter selflessness. One can only hope for Nirvana, or attaining the Bhraman. Hinduism does not try to answer just one question- its a matter of reaching your inner peace with yourself, your body, your mind, and your intellect.

Describe the geography of the indus and ganges river valleys?

the Aryan's left Asia about 2000 BC and crossed the Himalaya into India. they got to the Indus river valley around 1500 B.C

How was it possible for the Aryan's spread their influence over the Indus and Ganges river valley so successfully?

how was it possible for the Aryans to spread their influence over the Indus and Ganges river valleys so successfully

How was it possible for the Aryans to spread their influence over the Indus and Ganges river valleys so successfully?

when two people from different tribes got married they became a mixed group. also, they used their chariots to take over. lastly, they taught them their language to them.

Where did moreno come from?

it came from migrants from Spain going to the US to settle. his name is Alonso Moreno

How to get out the gang?

Generally speaking, theres no full-proof way. In fact, even if you managed to leave a gang, other rival gangs may target you for various reasons (ex: you were their rivals, or you treated them horribly while you were with a gang) To be able to leave, you need to get the leader's permission. Unless you wish to get out by informing on them to the authorities and go under witness protection, the only likely way is to do something noteworthy that may give you enough influence to persuade others to let you leave the gang. Best way in theory however, is to make the leader close to you-it may let you be able to leave while the leader prevents other gang members from targeting you. If possible, move out of a gang slowly, but keep maintaining contact and give them help when you can; that way the gang may view you as a valued person & not a traitor.

How to get out of an gang?

Depends on what kinda gang ur in, Blood? Piru? Almighty Latin King & Queen Nation? Gangster Disciple Nation? Imperial Gangster Nation? Hoover Criminal? Crip? 18th Street Family? MS-13? Zoe Pound? La Raza Nation? Taliban Gang?(Mostly Arabic Gang from East Oakland California, not to be confused with Taliban from middle east) T.A.P.(The Arabian Posse) Boyz? Tiny Raskal Gang? Triad? Yakuza? u in the Mob or somethin? u gotta be more specific on what gang ur in.

What do i do to get in a gang?

just tell a leader of a gang or people that you know from a gang that you want to be in a and they will jump you or depend and what they do to iniciate you in the gang and good luck after that

What do you have to do to get out of a gang?

It Depends, depending on what gang it is, and what their expectations are. You could walk out free in some gangs, but you better have a hell of a good reason to leave. You could get a beating and then get out. Just kind of go through the same process as you did when you decided to be affiliated in that gang. - M.O.D 4 Lyfe

How was it possible for the Aryan to spread their influence over the Indus and the Ganges river valley so successfully?

the culture combined the traditions of the original inhabitants and the ideas and beliefs of the newcomers

What do you have to do when your in a gang?

anything illegal or whatever your shot caller tells you to do Yeah True , But I Guess Sometimes You Go Against Other Gangs Too , But It Is Illegal

What gangs are in Imperial Valley or Valle Imperial?

CENTRO 13 NSC - North Side Centro 12 ( 12 is used for L for Locos ) Oak st. ESC - East Side Centro 13 Heil st. WSC - West Side Centro 13 Holt st. SSC - South Side Centro 13 MLS Aurora st. PSD - Posada 13 WCC - West Coast Crips CALECIA 13 KG's - Kennedy Gardens 13 LGS - La Garra Sur 13 GTL - G host Town Locos 13 101 st. IMPERIAL 13 La Nueve - K St F St. L ee Rd. BROLE 13 ESB - East Side Brole 13 CH - Chicali Brazas Baja Califas PYS - Proyectos HEBER 13 HBR - Heber 13 HOLTVILLE 13 HOS - Hosvilla 13 WESTMORLAND 13 W - West Cocos Tiny Town 13 NILAND 13 N - Ene Town 13 CALIPATRIA 13 WSC - West Side Calipas 13 ESC - East Side Calipas 13 PRL - Puro Raza Locos SEELEY 13 . SLY - Seeley 13.

What time does Moreno Valley Public Library close?

Hours Monday -- Thursday: 9 a.m. -- 8 p.m. Saturday: 9 a.m. -- 6 p.m. Friday & Sunday: Closed .

Where is the ganges in?

The Ganges starts in the Himalayas and then flows through Nepal and India. The mouth is in the Bay of Bengal! Hope this is helpful! x

How many miles is it from Moreno Valley to visalia?

257 miles taking this route: . Take SR-60 WEST from Moreno Valley to I-15 NORTH to BARSTOW at EXIT 41B. . Take I-15 NORTH to the 210 WEST to PASADENA at EXIT 115B. . Take the 210 WEST to I-5 GOLDEN STATE FWY - NORTH to SACRAMENTO at EXIT 1A in the San Fernando Valley area. . Take I-5 GOLDEN STATE FWY - NORTH to HIGHWAY 99 NORTH to BAKERSFIELD and FRESNO at EXIT 221. . Take HIGHWAY 99 NORTH to HIGHWAY 198 EAST to VISALIA at EXIT 96. . Take HIGHWAY 198 EAST to Visalia.

What do you have to do when you are in a gang?

They Do This Thing Called "A Minute" Which Means They Beat Them Up For A Minute Then Youb Can Officially Become One Of There Gang Member's But I Assume You Not .

Will there ever be hurricanes in Moreno valley?

It is highly unlikely as California is not prone to hurricanes and the mountains between Moreno Valley and the Pacific ocean will take most of the strength out of a storm.

Were there any UFO sightings in moreno valley last night?

As of June 9, 2011, I can find no UFO sighting in that area. That doen't mean there was not. It may not have been released to the media yet.

What is the Ganges valley?

river, c.1,560 mi (2,510 km) long, rising in the Gangotri glacier in the Himalayas in Uttaranchal state, India, and flowing generally southeast through NE India across a vast plain to the Bay of Bengal in Bangladesh; the most sacred river of Hindu India. The fertile Ganges plain is one of the world's most densely populated regions; rice, grains, oilseed, sugarcane, and cotton are the main crops. Because of its location near major population centers, however, the river is highly polluted. The upper Ganges supplies water to extensive irrigation works. The river passes the holy bathing sites at Haridwar Haridwar or Hardwar , city (1991 pop. 187,392), Uttaranchal state, N India, on the Ganges River. The headworks of the Ganges Canal system are located in Haridwar. ..... Click the link for more information. , Allahabad Allahabad , city (1991 pop. 844,546), Uttar Pradesh state, N central India. On the site of Prayag, an ancient Indo-Aryan holy city, Allahabad is at the junction of two sacred rivers, the Yamuna and the Ganges. ..... Click the link for more information. (where the Yamuna Yamuna or Jumna , river, c.850 mi (1,370 km) long, rising in the Himalayas, N India, and flowing generally SE, through the Shiwalik Range, past Delhi, to the Ganges River at Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh state; the Chambal and Betwa rivers are its ..... Click the link for more information. River enters the Ganges), and Varanasi Varanasi , formerly Benares , city (1991 pop. 1,030,863), Uttar Pradesh state, N central India, on the Ganges River. Although a rail hub and trade center, Varanasi is chiefly important as a holy city. ..... Click the link for more information. . Below Allahabad the Ganges becomes a slow, meandering stream with shifting channels.

Can you keep bees in Moreno Valley?

of course you can bees help every thing. If there were no bees you would be standing in polyester.

Who is the gang to fear the most in moreno valley?

Barrio edgemont locos gang is and will always be the most notoriousley dangerouse and feared you could try and denie but statistics dont lie neither does facts,and thats a fact

Where is the Moreno Valley Historical Society in Moreno Valley California located?

The address of the Moreno Valley Historical Society is: Po Box 66, Moreno Valley, CA 92556