What gifts do French people give to each other on Christmas?

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The same gifts as English people...............
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Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

it is nice to give a gift when you do you feel good inside and sometimes your the one getting gifts. i was always told its better to give than recive and i think thats right

Why do people give gift on Christmas Day?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. . Some people believe that because Saint Nick gives gifts we
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Why do people give gifts to others on Christmas?

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' mess
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What gifts did people give each other during the Depression?

Sometimes children would receive only one toy to share, or one simple toy each if they were lucky. Some years, they received only fruit (such as oranges) for Christmas gifts,