What gifts do French people give to each other on Christmas?

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The same gifts as English people...............
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Why do people give gifts on Christmas day?

we give gifts on Christmas day to celebrate jesus's birthday cuz The reason is that the creator of the universe has given a very special gift to you: the first Christmas gift.The gifts we give are a recognition of His spirit of giving, even though our gifts cannot compare to what He gave us. Christmas is a special day for the nations of the world to celebrate the gift of a Savior, Jesus, the Christ, who brought to us, from God, the good news that our sins can be forgiven and that we might live eternally with Him. There is but one special provision: you must honestly accept Him as your Savior and as the Lord of your life. Will you accept this greatest of gifts? Read the Gospel of John verses 16 through 17 in chapter 3. Also, read the story of His birth in Luke, chapters 2 and 3.

Why do people give gifts at Christmas?

it is nice to give a gift when you do you feel good inside and sometimes your the one getting gifts. i was always told its better to give than recive and i think thats right

Why do people give gift on Christmas Day?

People give gifts on Christmas because Jesus Christ gave us the ultimate gift in dying on the cross for our sins. . Some people believe that because Saint Nick gives gifts we give gifts to celebrate the joy of giving. and we give to say Jesus gave us the greatest gift so accept him and I my heart give you this gift .

Why do people give gifts to others on Christmas?

Gifts at Christmas are symbolic of the gift of grace Jesus gave to us through his sacraficial death on the cross. It's also symbolic of the 'love thy neighbor as thyself' message God gives to us through Jesus.

What gifts did people give each other during the Depression?

Sometimes children would receive only one toy to share, or one simple toy each if they were lucky. Some years, they received only fruit (such as oranges) for Christmas gifts, or perhaps a pair of socks. It's hard for people who did not live through the depression to believe, but that is how poor many were.

Did Medieval people give gifts for Christmas?

The Christmas holiday was a much longer, and more deeply religiousholiday in Medieval times. That said, people did participate insome sort of gift giving during their celebrations, though itvaried greatly by class. Rich landowners and noblepeople were known for showering friendsand loved ones with generous feasts and opulent gifts. The peasantclass would also have regaled in song and communal gatherings, butthe most common gifts besides eachother's company would have beencontributions of food for the feast. Besides their own modest Christmas celebrations, many of the poor,peasant class toiled to produce lavish holiday festivals for theirLords. One or a few lucky workers might have been given anopportunity to join the feast, or they may received a "gift" ofmeat from their Lords for their own Christmas dinner. Some alsosometimes received some coin on New Years Day from their benevolentlandowners. Whatever the nature of the gifts, it would have been more common togive on New Years or "Epiphany Day" - January 6th - when earlyChristians comemmorated the visiting of the Magi to the Baby Jesus.Christmas itself would have been reserved for more reverentactivities.