What grade is junior prom in?

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Junior year, 11th grade.
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Where can I find a dress for junior prom?

You can either go to Debs in a mall or department stores likeDillards on macys and JCPenney or sears maybe because im lookingfor my junior prom dress too so good luck Also can

Why do they call it a junior prom?

A Junior Prom is traditionally held for students completing the 11th grade; their junior years. A Senior Porm is on completion of High school (Senior) education. 'Prom' is sho

Do they have prom in junior high?

yes they do have a prom i junior high that's why its called junior prom,plus my mother knows because she has been to junior prom.

What are the symbolism of juniors and seniors prom?

Proms symbolize formal dance and began in the 1930s, when thepopularity of debutante balls began to rise. Today junior andsenior proms are lavish events and generally are the

Does sixth grade have proms?

Yes. Make sure you buy your dress or tux right away. Don't worry about finding a date yet. Don't forget a corsage or boutonniere and the limo. The limo is very important.