What group of medical chemicals kill bacteria?

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The chemicals are called antibiotics
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What chemicals kills bacteria?

\nBacteria (usually) can be killed with ordinary soap or diluted cholrine bleach.

What household chemicals kill bacteria?

Why, you seem to be in need of Toilet Duck my friend. Toilet Duck kills 99.9% of bacteria-FACT! If you need to clean your home and care about the environment then Toilet

What chemicals kill bacteria best?

The best chemicals for killing bacteria are bleach and ammonia.Hydrogen peroxide and acids are also good for killing bacteria.

Can chemical reactions kill bacteria?

certain chemical reactions do kill bacteria for example when bacteria enters the body the stomach contains High concentrations of Hydrochloric acid which destroys the bacteri
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What is a chemical used to kill bacteria?

A1 . In the context of an infection (when bacteria are making somebody sick by living in their body), antibiotics are used. These are chemicals that either kill them directly,