What hapend to yoda?

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in star wars episode vi retern of the jedi yoda crashes his ship and died he died not becase of the crash he was just 900years old
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Who is Yoda?

YODA . Yoda is the oldest Jedi alive. He was 880 years old in Episode 1. When he died in the sixth episode, he was 900. . He is a green animal with white hair. He walks with a cane because he is so old. He is a powerful fighter and controls the force well.. He was one of the most skilled light (MORE)

Who played Yoda?

In 5 and 6, Yoda was a puppet. In 1,2, and 3, Yoda was animated (computer animated.) He was also animated in the Clone Wars(which was obvious)

Did Yoda get married?

No. Jedi aren't allowed to marry, and Yoda being the one who pretty much holds the order together, wouldn't marry, if only for that purpose.

Why is yoda green?

Yoda is green because his mother pee peed on him wen shedropped him of Jupiter no! Most likely because he supposed to bealien and wise or something.

How did yoda die?

yoda died of age,and, similar to obi wan, his soul left his bodyand he disappeared, finally becoming one with the force. Also when he became one with the force he turned into a forceghost. something only Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, AnakinSkywalker/Darth Vader and Yoda can do.

Who voices Yoda?

Aside from the Clone Wars tv series when Bob Kane voiced him andsome other one off performances, Yoda has been voiced by Frank Oz. Frank Oz was also Yoda's main puppeteer in episodes 1, 5, 6 &8.

Who did yoda train?

Yoda trained many Jedi younglings, Dooku, Mace Windu, Cin Drallig, Ikrit, Rahm Kota, Tyvokka, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Oppo Rancisis, and Luke Skywalker.

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What is Yoda?

He is a 900 year old creature form the well known series, Star Wars . Yoda is a Whill from a planet called Grentarik.

Who is the master of Yoda?

perhaps the most powerful jedi there is and has a specil connection with the fors thought small and is about 850 years old he is still an amazing fighter with a short lightsaber witch is useful in battle

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Who was yodas master?

Yoda did not have a master, he was the ultimate jedi. While I agree Yoda was the ultimate jedi, he had a master. His master's name was Jedi Master N'Kata Del Gormo.

Who did Yoda teach?

Yoda taught a lot of Jedi: a lot of younglings, Mace Windu, Cin Drallig, Ikrit, Rahm Kota, Tyvokka, Kit Fisto, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Oppo Rancisis, and Luke Skywalker.

Is Yoda the strongest?

Yes that is why he was head of the Jedi Counsel. Well, it depends what you mean. he is physically weak, as a matter of fact, relying on the force in combat to augment his strength and speed. in the matter of the force, he is fairly strong, though he does not use his force powers to their fullest ex (MORE)

How do you defeat yoda?

Yes you can defeat Yoda by keeping running and Jumping until he gets tired and just slash him

Who kills yoda?

Nobody actually kills Yoda, he dies of old age on Dagobah just before Luke leaves the planet.

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How did Yoda shrink?

There are huge gaps of time in the storyline.. in between the films... Yoda is quite a lot younger in the first film then in the one where he dies..

What is the meaning of yoda?

The name Yoda may be derived from "Yoddha", the Sanskrit word for "warrior." The name may also be connected to the Hebrew ידע(Pronounced: "Yodea"), meaning "He knows" or "One who knows".

Did yoda have kids?

No. All Jedi are sworn to celibacy, that's why Anakin's affair with Padme was forbidden.

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Is Yoda a Lepricorn?

No, there is no such species as a Lepricorn in Star Wars. If you are referring to a Leprechaun, then I'm ASHAMED of you. (No offense intended) Yoda's Species is unknown, but there is a page for it on Wookieepedia.com. Just go to Wookieepedia.com and type in "Yoda's Species" in the search box. That's (MORE)

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Who was yodas trainer?

when yoda crashed landed on some planet de gormo trained him and his human friend the force and other stuff

What hapend if you mix orange and yellow?

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Is yoda alive?

Yoda is no longer alive. He died in the 6th movie Return of theJedi due to old age.