What happened in Berlin during World War 2?

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Before the war and at the beginning of the war Berliners enjoyed a good life with plenty of food, cultural events, good clothes and new cars. They had new jobs with new places to live because Hitler stopped paying the reparation payments of the Versailles Treaty allowing the people to have money again. The city was pretty with great architecture and long history.

Once the Allied Forces began carpet bombing Berlin the story was different. Many Berliners fled the city to rural area home while others stayed to suffer. The bombing went on for many months. By the time the Allied Forces stopped the bombing the city was fairly leveled with few building fully intact. The roads were covered with rubble, people were roamed around looking for food or a place to stay. The beautiful Berlin was gone.

After the war the city was split: East Berlin became part of the Soviet Union controlled West Germany.

West Berlin went to the free, democratic West Germany. West Berlin flourished whereas East Berlin did not do as well.
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