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What happened in Mexico in 1519?

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hernan cortez attacked the aztecs. Hernan Cortez was an conquistador
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Who landed on the east coast of present day Mexico in 1519?

Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes.

In 1519 to 1605 the Indian population in central Mexico dropped from 25 million people to 1 million how did this happen?

Beginning in the late 1400s, the Spanish began to explore lands in the Americas. Besides bringing new products and animals, the explorers also brought diseases to America. The

What happened in New Mexico and California?

In California, Americans rebelled against Mexican rule in the Bear Flag Revolt. The rebels declared California independent of Mexico and named it the Republic of California.

What is the significance of 1519?

Magellan was the first person to lead an expedition across the Pacific Ocean. He discovered the Strait of Magellan, near (near the bottom of South America) the most important

What are some things that happened from 1452-1519?

Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks. in 1453. The Hundred Years War finally ended in 1453 at the Battle of Castillon, which was the first battle in which cannons were dec