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What happened in Mexico in 1519?

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hernan cortez attacked the aztecs. Hernan Cortez was an conquistador
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What was Mexico like before 1519?

Mexico was minimally inhabited before 1519 and was filled withjungle. The indigenous people tended to farm and hunt for food.Some cultures built pyramids and temples.

Who conquered the aztecsin Mexico in 1519?

Hernan Cortez came to the Aztec empire in 1519 with about 600 men.  In 1520 he led the siege of tenochtitlan and took completely  destroyed the city, a city was later rebuil
In Mexico

What different about Mexico today then Mexico in 1519?

In 1519 most of Mexico was part of the Aztec and Mayancivilizations, with approximately 40 million people inhabitingthose lands. It is estimated that at the time, Mexico was t