What happened to America after the Mexican-American War?

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After winning the Mexican War (1846-48), the United States gained land that had previously been held by Mexico. The U.S. Senate (one of the two branches of Congress, the legislative body of the United States) ratified the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo on March 10, 1848. In the treaty Mexico gave up roughly half its territory, which included New Mexico and California, to the United States. Mexico also recognized the Rio Grande as its border with Texas. In addition, Mexico received payments in millions of dollars from the United States for the land the United States had received. Five years later, under the terms of the Gadsden Purchase, the U.S. purchased a small portion of land from Mexico for another $10,000,000, which was widely regarded as further compensation for the land lost in the war. The territory the U.S. gained is in present-day Arizona
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The Mexican War between the United States and Mexico began with a Mexican attack on American troops along the southern border of Texas on Apr. 25, 1846. By the clash between