What happened to Amtrak?

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That's a very vague question.

Nothing in particular has "happened" to Amtrak; the company was created in 1971 in an attempt to revitalize the flagging passenger rail service in the US. It hasn't been spectacularly successful, but it also hasn't been so abysmal that the government has yet decided to completely give up.

Critics point out that Amtrak is not self-sufficient and requires significant subsidies from the federal government in order to continue operations. Proponents point out that so do competing forms of transportation, like highways and commercial airlines.

Amtrak has been forced to close some routes due to unprofitability. Train travel in the US is dying largely because there's no good reason for it. Airline travel is much faster (at roughly the same price for 21-day advance fares), and bus travel is no slower, usually noticeably less expensive, and generally offer more departure time options (many cities, even fairly major ones, in the US see only a single train per day in each direction, which may be inconveniently early in the morning or inconveniently late at night).

The main exception is the Northeast Corridor (Washington DC - Philadelphia PA - New York NY - New Haven CT - Boston MA), where the rail lines are maintained to a higher speed standard, and there are more frequent arrivals and departures. To a lesser extent, some major cities on or near the west coast have more frequent service (but, for the most part, only to other cities on or near the west coast), and Chicago is a major hub of the Amtrak system, with frequent arrivals and departures (though, again, usually only one or two per day to any other given destination).
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What is the market capitalization of Amtrak?

A tricky question: When Amtrak was created by act of congress, a limited number of shares of stock were issued and presented to various railroads who provided equipment to the start-up transportation company. These shares have traded hands over the years, and are still out there. They are non voting (MORE)

Is Amtrak a government corporation?

Yes it is a government corporation just like the post office. It was organized on May 1, 1971 after the Rail Passenger Service Act was passed by congress and signed into law by President Nixon in 1970. This act created the National Railroad Passenger Corporation which is a public/private entity supp (MORE)

Does Amtrak transport corpses?

Yes, they do: (from the amtrak website): . Human Remains. Amtrak Express offers station-to-station shipment of remains to many express cities. At smaller stations, funeral directors must load and unload the shipment onto and off the train.

What was the purpose of the Amtrak?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed them as not profitable due to compitition by airline and road travel so the government created Amtrak to maintain the passenge (MORE)

How do you become a Amtrak train driver?

Go to amtrak.com and then type in jobs in the search box. Then you will be redirected to a website call jobs.amtrak.com where you click on external applicant and they you can apply for a engineer job and they put you on a training program in Washington D.C.

Who invented Amtrak train?

Amtrak was created in the 1970s because private railroad corporations such as Union Pacific did not want to run their passenger railroad services anymore because they deemed them as not profitable due to compitition by airline and road travel so the government created Amtrak to maintain the passenge (MORE)

What does the aronym AMTRAK mean?

Amtrak stands for American Track it doesn't really have a significant meaning and is usually not written in all caps its more of just a name "Amtrak".

Who founded the amtrak?

The United States Congress "founded" Amtrak when it passed The Rail Passenger Service Act (PL 91-518) of 1970. This legislation was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.

Can you ship your car on amtrak?

no. you can take the auto train from sanford (Orlando) Florida to lorton (Washington dc) Virginia but then u have to go with ur car. Other than that try a freight railroad.

How do you save on Amtrak fares?

Book early to get the cheapest fares. Amtrak also offers discountsfor AAA (10%) and Student Advantage (15%) members. Check the DEALSsection at Amtrak.com to see if there are any specific offers forthe cities/routes you're traveling.

What is the mission statement for amtrak?

The mission of Amtrak is to provide efficient and effective intercity passenger mobility in those travel markets in which passenger rail offers a trip-time and service quality competitive or complementary travel option consistent with the goal of continual reduction in Federal operating subsidies re (MORE)

Amtrak or greyhound?

Amtak by far! Bus takes too long and traffic sucks. Amtrak you will beat the traffic and you can move around on the cars of Amtrak. Also, if you want to spend the money, you can rent a bedroom on Amtrak.

Does Amtrak have power outlets on trains?

Yes. But it is possible that some trains do not. You can count on all trains on Amtrak running between Boston and Washington DC, and west to Harrisburg, PA having power outlets available for you. Most trains on these lines also now offer free wireless internet. However, the availability of both may (MORE)

Amtrak sleeper service to Newark?

There are no longer sleeping cars on any Northeast Regional train. You can book a sleeping car between Newark and other destinations such as Chicago, Miami, etc. Check with Amtrak.

How much are Amtrak train tickets?

It matters where you go. If your trip is long,the more money you have to pay the ticket. And the shorter your trip is the less money you need to pay.

How do you sue amtrak?

Well the first step would be, only if you have a viable claim so you don't end up waisting money, contact a lawyer. After you have done this you will no longer need to use an unreliable website for your claims

Is Amtrak a good train?

yes really good the only bad experience I've had was when it rained on me but they gave me a 150 gift card because of the rain

What is the closest Amtrak station to Toronto?

VIA Rail Canada, in cooperation with Amtrak, operates the daily Maple Leaf from Toronto. The first Amtrak, and therefore US, train station is in Niagara Falls, NY, The train continues east and south to Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany and New York.

What is the closest Amtrak station to Branson?

There isn't one that I would consider anywhere near Branson. The nearest is Sedalia, MO, which is about 150 miles away on US 65.Sedalia is along the "River Runner" route that runs between KansasCity and St. Louis. The other option, if your destination is south, would be to driveto Poplar Bluff, MO (MORE)

Do amtrak train get late?

Amtrak trains get late all the time. They are subject to signal problems, train traffic, track conditions and other reasons. One big problem can be where the train originates. They have to service the train (clean, restock food supplies in the dining car, check the train mechaincally etc). Som (MORE)

What is the closest amtrak to Tallahassee?

Tallahassee used to have Amtrak service on the Sunset Limited. After Hurricane Katrina, Amtrak suspended service between New Orleans and Orlando. Even though the tracks have been repaired service has not been restored. Currently, the closest Amtrak station is Jacksonville. From there you can take t (MORE)

Do they serve food on an Amtrak train?

Amtrak say yes. Many customers disagree * Added - It depends upon the train. Very few Amtrak trains offer any type of food service. The typical food service consists of a dining car or club car that has a good choice of beverages and a microwave for heating pre-packaged food. Most Amtrak traveller (MORE)

What is the closest amtrak OPEN in Pensacola?

Unfortunately, New Orleans is your closest station with Amtrak service at the current time. From there you can take the Crescent to Atlanta, Washington or New York, the City of New Orleans to Memphis, Carbondale or Chicago, or the Sunset Limited to Houston, San Antonio or Los Angeles. Hopefully, som (MORE)

Can you get from Cincinnati to Halifax on bus or amtrak?

Yes. The question is why would you want to? A rail trip from Cincinnati to Halifax 100% by rail will take about 4 days with very long lay-overs. AMTRAK (Cardinal) 50 - Cincinnati to New York, Penn Station (18½ Hours) Leave 3:50 am arrive 9:15pm (Overnight Layover) AMTRAK 69 - New York - Mo (MORE)

Does amtrak go to Portland Maine?

Amtrak operates five trains a day between Boston's North Stationand Portland, ME on its Downeaster service. Twice a day the trainscome from and go to Brunswick, ME from Portland. From Portland,riders can connect with Amtrak Thruway bus service to Bangor andOrono (University of Maine.)

What are the benefits of Amtrak guest rewards?

For starters you earn points just for travelling Amtrak, staying at participating hotels, hiring participating cars, travelling by participating planes or boats, buying from participating retailers or even if you use Amtrak's financial planning and banking partners for your financial needs.The great (MORE)

What is the Amtrak Auto Train used for?

The Amtrak Auto Train is used as a sort of people mover that runs between Washington D.C. and Orlando, FL. You can load your car and then go to your assigned cabin to enjoy the ride without the hassle of driving.

Which are the reasons for the Amtrak crash?

The train collision that occurred May 17, 2013 appears to have been caused by a Metro-North Railroad passenger train that derailed, intersecting a track used by another train coming in the opposite direction. Investigators have ruled out foul play, but it is unclear if the derailing was a result of (MORE)