What happened to Belgium after World War 1?

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Belgium was bankrupted and blown up. From being the 4th economical superpower in the world Belgium was reduced to nothing.
The war debts and the debts the Netherlands imposed on Belgium didn't help either. Many companies had lost everything or had only kept what was stashed away in neutral nations.
Belgium got a little money from Germany and a little amount of lands, but had to find most of the money in own pocket, or in the Congo.
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Why did Belgium join World War 1?

The Germans tried to fight France by going through belgium, so belgium fought back. http://histclo.com/essay/war/ww1/cou/w1c-bel.HTML

Was Belgium neutral in World War 1?

I believe so... Germany invaded Belgium even though they remained neutral more info at http://militaryhistory.suite101.com/article.cfm/the_belgian_army_of_1914_

Why was Belgium involved with World War 1?

Belgium was invaded by Germany on 4 August 1914, despite the fact that its neutrality was guaranteed by Britain, France and Germany.. Since 1906 Germany had only one plan (th

Who were belgiums allies in world war 1?

The Allies of Belgium are basically France & Britain. Because the German attack comes through Belgium, Britain acts to defend Belgiums neutrality. There is much conflict aroun

Why was Belgium important in World War 1?

Britain had guaranteed Belgian independence and it was a neutralcountry. When Germany invaded Belgium it brought Britain into thewar and eventually America.
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Why did Germany invade Belgium in World War 1 what happen in the response to this?

The Germans invaded Belgium because they thought it would go faster. At that time no-one could imagine a Belgian defending his home. Then as a result Belgium called the other
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Did Belgium participate in World War 1?

At first it remain neutral but then Germany invaded Beligium in Agust 4, 1914 causing Belgium to participate in World War II.