What happened to Detroit's Johnny in the morning?

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After being unceremoniously dumped by the station (Johnny and his cast were fired after a mid-week show), Johnny apparently worked in Toledo for a bit.  He now goes by JR Edwards and is the co-host of the morning show on KDKB-FM in Mesa, Arizona.
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What happened to the Doug Banks morning show?

When a syndicated show like Doug Banks is canceled, it's one of two things: 1. Ratings are poor 2. Station doesn't see the profit margin. Stations are always looking for "fresh" shows... Kevin Ross Radio Facts http://radiofacts.blogspot.com

What happened to johnny cook?

If you're speaking of the gospel singer Johnny Cook who sang with the Happy Goodman Family, he passed away in 2000. Greatest gospel tenor ever.

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it is because of of the relative impulse contributed by the negative counteract of the earths gravitational pull causesing a horizon of new elementary devices to be used by the worlds top agent on aerodynamicks

What happened to Laura from the morning hot tub?

There was an article in the Ottawa Citizen that said she is on a personal leave and is not sure when she is returning if at all....? The station said that they are looking for a replacement because they don't know how long she will be gone and it's already been two months.. Hope this helps!

How does the accident happen to Johnny Tremain?

Actually, the previous answer is false. We are studying the book Johnny Tremain in both my Great American History and Reading classes. Johnny was breaking the religious law and was working on Sabbath. Dove wanted to pay him back for all the rude things he did like having to work on Sabbath. So he ga (MORE)

What happened to the morning disk jockies on b96?

If you are referencing "Eddie and JoBo" on the Chicago area WBBM-FM (B96), the ownership (CBS Radio) decided to terminate their employment and start a new show in January, 2009. Ratings are a large part of this type of descision. WBBM ranked 11th and 9th among 18-34 year old males and females, respe (MORE)

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What happened to dally after johnnys death?

Since Johnny was the only thing Dally ever loved, he got himself killed but robbing a convience store. He then called the gang for help. When the police caught up with him and Pony and the others arrived, he pulled out a gun that wasn't loaded. Thinking that it was loaded, the police shot and killed (MORE)

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What happened to Johnny Lee's wife Debbie?

He killed her Is that meant to be a sick joke? If so, I don't find it funny. Debbie and I were friends in college and we lost track with each other after I left the monterey area. I seriously hope this is just somebodies sick idea of a joke. I would appreciate this to be cleared up as soon as poss (MORE)

What happened during Johnny Depp's career?

Depp never started out to be an actor. He played guitar in several bands while holding down day jobs to pay the rent. He met Nicholas Cage who suggested that Depp give acting a try and the rest is history.

What happened to debbie johnny lee's wife?

Debbie Lee is country and western singer Johnny Lee's ex-wife. I'm not sure when they divorced, but they did have a child, a son they called "little Johnny". Their marriage was a tumultuous one, not out of the ordinary for entertainers. Debbie had a rough go during the marriage and developed a chemi (MORE)

What happens after johnny kills bob?

Ponyboy and Johnny go to Dally for help, Dally gives them money, a gun and tells them where to go. They hop on a train and go to Windrixville and live in an abandoned church on the top of Jay Mountain

What happened to johnny and Ponyboy in The Outsiders?

Johnny and Ponyboy are jumped by soc's and johnny stabs bob and the fuzz are after them. So johnny and ponyboy go to see dally and get money and a gun and go to windrixville. Johnny and ponyboy cut their hair to fit in with the people in windrixville. Dally finds them and they go to dairy queen to g (MORE)

What happened to Johnny Depp's child?

Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose Melody Depp, recovered from a serious illness, an E. coli infection that began to cause her kidneys to shut down and resulted in an extended hospital stay.

What happened when Ponyboy finds out johnny died?

Ponyboy was shocked and speechless but most importantly, he was in denial. He pretended that Johnny wasn't dead and believed himself for awhile. He pretended because he couldn't accept the truth but soon he accepted it. Also, Johnny left him a copy of "Gone With The Wind" and there was a letter ins (MORE)

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What happened to johnny?

After Dally finally showed up after about four days, the church that they were staying at in Windrixville caught on fire, and there were kids on a field trip by the church. Some of them got trapped in there (I don't know why they'd be in there in the first place), and Ponyboy and Johnny decided to s (MORE)

What happened to johnny and Stacy stone from star99.1?

They were relesed on 5/22/12. They were terminated and will not respond to any inquiries that ask why. Claims a legal non disclosure, for who? Sounds real fishy to me If they didn't do anything wrong why keep this cloud over their head? I hope Johnny and Stacey are thoroughly vetted by their new e (MORE)

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What happen to johnny ray?

American singer, songwriter, and pianist, John Alvin "Johnnie" Raywas born on January 10, 1927, in Dallas, Oregon.. He died on February 24, 1990, at the age of 63, at the Cedars-SinaiMedical Center in Los Angeles, California.. He is buried at Hopewell Cemetery near Hopewell, Oregon..

What happened to Johnnie Ray?

American singer, songwriter, and pianist, John Alvin "Johnnie" Raywas born on January 10, 1927, in Dallas, Oregon.. He died on February 24, 1990, at the age of 63, at the Cedars-SinaiMedical Center in Los Angeles, California.. He is buried at Hopewell Cemetery near Hopewell, Oregon..

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