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What happened to Little Joe's wife on Bonanza?

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Any woman that became interested in any of the Cartwrights either caught a fatal disease or had a fatal accident. Little Joe's wife caught a fatal disease.
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How did Ben Cartwright's wife from Bonanza die?

His 1st wife, Elizabeth, died after she gave birth to Adam, Inger died because she got an arrow in the back shortly after Hoss was born, and Marie died when her horse fell on

What happened to the cast members of Bonanza?

The original cast members have all passed on now. Lorne Greene in 1987, Dan Blocker in 1972, Michael Landon in 1991 and the last to go was Pernell Roberts in 2010. Even Hop Si

On the show Bonanza did Little Joe get married?

He did. Episode #416, first episode of the final season 14, called Forever, and originally aired on Sept. 12, 1972. As all the Cartwright's relationships with women, this one

What episodes was little joe shot in the back on bonanza?

Little Joe is shot in the back in The Deadly Ones. It pretty much happens right at the beginning when Little Joe comes home at night on Cochise. It's one of my favorite episod