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What happened to Little Joe's wife on Bonanza?

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Any woman that became interested in any of the Cartwrights either caught a fatal disease or had a fatal accident. Little Joe's wife caught a fatal disease.
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How did Ben Cartwright's wife from Bonanza die?

His 1st wife, Elizabeth, died after she gave birth to Adam, Inger died because she got an arrow in the back shortly after Hoss was born, and Marie died when her horse fell on

What is Little Joe's Horse's name on the TV show Bonanza?

Little Joe Cartwright always rode a black-and-white pinto named  Cochise. There were at least 4 horses from Fat Jones Stables used  during the early years, and possibly as m

Who was Little Joe's mother on Bonanza?

She came to town with some type of carnival or circus. She rode horses and did tricks on them during the show. (IF I remember correctly) She got killed of course. The actress

Where is Little Joe's green jacket from Bonanza today?

Believe it or not, I can find no info on Little Joe's green jacket.  The following possiblities may or may not apply:  May have been donated to a museum.  May have remained