What happened to you after you left Ellis Island?

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Immigrants had to pass the medical examination to pass through Ellis Island. Doctors checked immigrants' hair, faces, necks, and hands for diseases. Eyes were also checked for a blindness disease called trachoma. If immigrants got a letter marked on their clothing, that meant that they needed to have a second, more thorough checkup. If immigrants had diseases or were too sick to work, they were forced to leave the United States. The immigrants who managed to pass thus far were then asked a series of question for interrogation. The inspectors had approximately two minutes with every immigrant to double check information. If the immigrants hesitated, they had to stay at Ellis Island for more questioning.

Once the immigrants passed the medical examinations and interrogations and left Ellis Island, they began their new lives as Americans. However, they often met challenges as poor immigrants from other countries. The living conditions for them were mostly very poor. Families lived in tenements, which were small homes and apartments, sometimes even cramming one entire family into one room due to lack of money. The tenements sometimes didn't even have running water or electricity. Immigrants also had to work long hours in factories for little pay. Children would often work as well, selling newspapers or working alongside adults in factories.
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What is Ellis Island?

Ellis Island is an island about a mile offshore of Manhattan Island, in Upper New York Bay, at the mouth of the Hudson River. Sovereignty is shared by New York State and New Jersey. The original, natural portion of the island belongs to New York, and the part that was artificially created by landfil (MORE)

What happened to immigrants at Ellis Island?

They were screened to insure that entry was denied to persons with a loathsome or dangerous contagious disease. Mental health was checked, eyes were checked, and if every condition for entry was met, they were allowed to enter.

What state owns Ellis Island?

New York and New Jersey own Ellis island the original deal was that new york would own the island but new jersey owns the water around it so when Ellis island was expanded new jersey owned the newer part. Not many people are allowed to see the new jersey side though now because like Alcatraz many (MORE)

When did Ellis Island catch fire?

The original Ellis Island facility built in 1892 was made almost entirely of Georgia Pine. Although the rosin was removed from the 400 ft. long floor, this oily flammable sap remained in the walls. The building was a tinderbox and burned in less than two hours in the early morning hours of June 15th (MORE)

Why did Ellis Island start?

\nImmigration used to be regulated by each individual state. People found it wrong and strange that you had a hard time entering America through one state, then were able to freely travel to it once you were in America.

What can you do in Ellis Island?

\nToday, you can go to the Immigrant museum in the Main Building. There you can watch the Award-winning documentary "Island of Hope, Island of Tears," as well as look at the other exhibits (such a the Wall of Honor with immigrant's names).

What does Ellis Island represent?

Ellis Island represents immigrant arriving to the United States inthe early 20th century. There are still a huge number of immigrantsarriving to the United States.

How long was Ellis island open?

Ellis Island officially opened as an immigration station on January 1, 1892. . http://www.nps.gov/elis/faqs.htm . In November 1954, Ellis Island closed its doors. . http://www.nowpublic.com/world/ellis-island-why-did-it-close

What is the Ellis Island?

A port off the shore of NYC. In the major immigration years, it's where most Germans, Polish, and other Europeans came to be allowed into America. Hence why today NYC is so cultured with those sorts of people.. Angel Island, in CA, is where Asians came in.

Is Ellis Island an Island?

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Where is Ellis Island?

Ellis island is at the mouth of the Hudson river. Ellis Island is an island in New York harbor. For several decades from the late 1800s to the early 1900s, it was the primary port of entry into the United States. Immigrants would disembark at Ellis Island, be screened for some diseases, and then wou (MORE)

Where are the Ellis islands?

Ellis island is a single island located near NYC and it is where the new immigrants were checked to make sure that they were able to support themselves in America.

Why was Ellis Island the entrance for immigration?

On this page you will find a detailed history of Ellis Island. Thebelow text details the actual origin of the island as a locationfor an immigration hub, all the way to its current status as anational monument. Feel free to jump forward to specifi c sections, by clicking on asection title in the ta (MORE)

What used to happen on Ellis Island?

That's where immigrants would end up after a long journey to the U.S.A. And they would get processed there and then they were taken to NYC and let go to be free from there horrible life from where they came.

Did the Kavanaghs come Ellis Island?

YES! they came on November 13, 1921 on the ship Olivia . They brought with them all of their life savings, inlcuding the various jewels, pets, and clothing they were so famous for.

What happens in Ellis Island?

Ann Moor was the first woman to come to Ellis Island. also I learned that she had ten babies. Also, she was fifteen or thirteen when she arrived in the U.S.A.

Who is Annie from Ellis island?

I wonder if Annie from Ellis Island is a reference to Annie Moore, the first immigrant ever to step foot on Ellis Island. She was originally from Ireland.

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What happen at Ellis Island?

Ellis Island is where Immigrants arrive who plan to live in NY, and they catch the ferry across from Elllis Island

How were Ellis and angel island different?

Ellis Island is located near the Statue of Liberty in the Hudson River, which is located in New York. Angel Island is located in San Francisco Bay. Both Ellis Island and Angel Island operated as immigration stations. Angel Island had immigrants from Asia, mainly from China and Japan. Ellis Island ha (MORE)

Why was Ellis Island the island of hope?

It was the Island of Hope for many because it was the entryway to the United States, where people hoped to escape from grinding poverty and tyranny and make a better life for themselves. However, about 2% of the people who had made the long and uncomfortable voyage to the U.S. were rejected at Elli (MORE)

Who is the owner of Ellis Island?

Ownership of Ellis Island is divided between the states of New York, and New Jersey, as determined by a supreme court ruling in 1993.

How long where immigrants at Ellis island?

Ellis Island officially opened as an immigration station on January 1, 1892. http://www.nps.gov/elis/faqs.htm In November 1954, Ellis Island closed its doors. http://www.nowpublic.com/world/ellis-island-why-did-it-close

When was the second Ellis Island built?

The original Ellis Island Immigration Station opened on New Year's Day 1892. It burned to the ground just 5 years later, on June 15, 1897. Construction of the present-day Ellis Island Immigration Station (which is now the Ellis Island Immigration Museum) started almost immediately after the origi (MORE)

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How did Ellis Island change the world?

Ellis island did not change the world. It is where the Statue of Liberty is located. The French brought the statue over in pieces and the Americans decided to place the statue on Ellis island because of its "easy viewing location."

What can you visit on Ellis Island?

On Ellis Island you can visit the Statue of Liberty and that place where the immigrants went! i have been and both are amazing! you get the boat out to ellis island and you pass the Statue of Liberty so if you just want to take a photo of it rather then climb it e.t.c then as you pass take a quick p (MORE)

Why is Ellis Island a park?

Ellis Island is not a park, but a national historical site. Millions of immigrants came through it's doors from Europe so they could make a new life in the US. It is worth a visit.

What is the nckname of Ellis Island?

Some people called it the Island of Hope, because it was the gateway to what people hoped would be a better life than they had had in their homeland, free of oppression and offering economic opportunity. Others called it the Island of Tears, because of the would-be immigrants who had traveled acros (MORE)

Where and what was Ellis island?

From 1892-1954, Ellis Island was our nation's busiest immigration inspection station. It is located in Upper New York Bay. See the related Wikipedia link listed below for more information:

What happened during the immigrants Inspections at Ellis island?

The Ellis experience was traumatic for most newcomers, as they wereclosely observed from the time they set foot on the island.Inspectors looked for signs of sickness or infirmity, a limp, theempty stare of the feebleminded, or shortness of breath as theyclimbed the stairs to the registry hall. Arriv (MORE)