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What happenens if waters break at 27 weeks?

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what happens if waters break at 27 weeks
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Is it safe to stay pregnant for weeks after water breaks?

hi, my waters started leaking at 24 weeks, i was kept in hospital for 3/4 days and it stopped. i was given antibiotics to fight infection and steroid injections to strengthen

Can castrol oil break your water at 34 weeks?

  No it will not break your water, but it most likely start contractions. My cousin took castro; oils with all her 6 kids and it gave her the s&*t's and sh threw up, but i

What if your 16 weeks pregnant and your water breaks?

  Go to the hospital IMMEDIATELY. You could be in danger of losing your baby at the worst, or, at best, introducing bacteria into the womb that could seriously harm or eve

How can you break your water at 38 weeks?

You should NEVER attempt to break your own water. If the baby does not have its head VERY FIRMLY agains your cervix the umbilical cord coud fall through your cervix and your b
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Can you survive a week without water if your 27?

No. There is a rule of three: you can only go three hours without a coat in the cold, three days without water (any age), and you can only go three weeks without food (that is

What if your water breaks at 20 weeks can the baby survive?

No they can not. There has been a few cases in this world but in general no. The question was water breaking, not birth. Yes, your baby can survive. The hospital will put you