What happens after DNA is unzipped?

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This method is called " Semi-conservative " which replicates the DNA
so it begins with unzipping, unwinding the DNA by breaking down the hydrogen bonds between the nitrogenous bases with the help of " helicase enzyme " that helps separating the strands. After that the free nucleotides will be activated by adding extra two phosphate groups from ATP to provide Energy for binding, and then the activated nucleotides will attach to the DNA as that Adenine link with thymine with double hydrogen bonds and Cytosine link with Guanine with triple hydrogen bonds. And Finally the DNA polymerase enzyme will catalyzes the joining of the nucleotides of the new strands with the formation of phosphodiester bonds while the extra phosphate groups that were attached to the activated nucleotides are released.
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What is the enzyme that unzips DNA?

There are several enzymes that 'unzip' DNA. These enzymes arecollectively known as DNA helicases . DNA helicases arehelix-destabilizing enzymes that bind to DNA at the origin

When a DNA unzip?

When the DNA needs to be coppied to make something the body needs

How is a DNA molecule unzipped?

The original strand of DNA is unzipped by an enzyme that breaks thehydrogen bonds between the bases. This process continues until theentire strand of DNA has been unzipped and

What enzyme unzips DNA and RNA?

The enzyme used to unzip human DNA (and RNA) is called helicase. There are a few types of helicase such as DNA helicase, RNA helicase, etc. Each type has its own specific role