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When a Jewish boy is 13 he is called to read a Torah-portion, which is in Hebrew. Only an adults are called to read the Torah in public; but since the boy is 13 he is now considered a man (adult). Afterwards, the boy receives a blessing from the father. This blessing means that the father is now not responsible for the boy's sins. Afterwards the parents have a celebration to rejoice that their 13 year old son is a man! People invited will give a gift to him.
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What happens during a Bar Mitzvah?

The Bar Mitzvah and its particularities are dependent on the Movement of Judaism to which the family of the Bar Mitzvah subscribes and whether or not the service chosen is a F

What happens after the Bar Mitzvah ceremony?

The person becomes a man. According to Jewish law he has responsibilities in the community that he didn't have before. He can help to make up a quorum of congregants in prayer

Explain the ceremony of a bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah?

1. Bar Mitzvah is for 13-year-old boys 2. Bat Mitzvah is for 12- or 13-year old girls They read Hebrew passages from the Torah and Haftorah. They also give speeches on how the

What is the origin of the bar mitzvah ceremony?

The Bar Mitzvah ceremony evolved gradually into what it is known as today. It began as a simple marking or a boy's transition into being a full functioning member of the Jewis

Who is the Bar Mitzvah ceremony for?

The key player in the Bar Mitzvah boy is the 13 year old Jewish boy, his family and friends are invited to join in the celebration. For more info on Bar Mitzvah check out http

How is the Bar Mitzvah ceremony celebrated?

It is normally celebrated by the Bar Mitzvah boy (13 years old) is called up to read part or all of the weekly Torah portion in the synagogue. After that the family may chose

What happens in a bat mitzvah ceremony?

The bat mitzvah ceremony takes place during a regular prayer service on a day that the Torah is read from. The bat mitzvah girl reads a section of the Torah and leads various
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What happends during a bar mitzvah ceremony?

In most cases, the young man will read a portion from the Torah, or will read the Haftorah (a portion from the Prophets). The rest is ancillary celebration (festive meal, gift

How long does a Bar Mitzvah ceremony last?

It largely depends on how religious the service is, and what temple you go to for the event. But most services should take around 2-3 hours.