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What happens if you drink a little bit of bleach?

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It will eat away at the lining of your esophagus and stomach.
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What happens when you drink bleach?

Severe damage to your digestive system, and possible death without medical treatment.

What happens if you drink a bit of insulin?

nothing when my little brother learnt how to undo zips he got into my bag and sucked insulin fron a cartridge and when we took him to hospital and they told use that your stom

What will happen to you if you drink bleach?

If a small amount is drunk, the surface of the mouth and esophagus would be damaged and the acid in the stomach would react the the bleach, causing an upset stomach. Some chlo

What happen when you drink bleach with water?

It could be fatal. It really depends on how concentrated the bleach is. Very small amounts, I believe it is a tablespoon per gallon, can be used to sanitize water, but you do
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what happens if you drink bleach and gasoline?

Your insides will burn very slowly and extremely painfully in agony  for up to three hours before you die.    Unless the bleach scorches your windpipe then you could p