What happens if you go to buy cigarettes and your under 18 and they card you?

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lol the person lies like they don't have their id and they don't get away with is chances are people won't show their id in fear of embarrassment
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How do you get a credit card if you are under 18 and do not have credit?

You can't. The age of "legal" majority is eighteen. There are noCCC's that will enter into a contract with a minor. This is not true. I've had two credit cards since the age of 16.Capital One and American Express approved me; you just have to lieabout your age (Internet app.) Well, actually, you c (MORE)

Is it legal for people under the age of 18 to smoke cigarettes as long as they didn't purchase them?

NO ITS NOT. YOU CAN'T BUY THEM UNTIL YOUR 21. RETHINK THE SMOKING. A LOT OF HEALTH PROBLEMS FOLLOWS IT I KNOW. I'm pretty sure that the legal age to purchase cigarettes is 18 because I'm 18 and i was able to purchase them! The legal age is 18 im 15 and my friend that is 19 smokes them The Le (MORE)

Can credit card debts be disputed if the person obtained the cards when they were under the age of 18?

Answer . \nNo. The laws pertaining to minors not being held accountable for financial transactions is somewhat misunderstood. \n. \nIf a creditor/lender enters into a contract with the knowledge that the person is a minor, then the contract is null and void and the minor cannot be forced to rep (MORE)

Can you own a credit card if you're under 18 in Canada?

Answer . In most cases, banks may hesitate to do business with someone under 18, as they are not legally an "adult" and should you be unable to pay any debt, it would be hard for them to collect.\n. \nMost banks offer either a student credit card with a low limit, which a responsible student ca (MORE)

Can you buy cigarettes the moment you turn 18?

It depends on the store, actually. Some stores have a calendar and the calendar says IF YOU WERE BORN AFTER THIS DATE and then that day's date, which means if it is your birthday you'd be buying them a day after. Some stores make you to wait 14 days after turning 18!!

Can you smoke cigarettes before going under anesthesia?

By quitting smoking, you will not only reduce the likelihood of experiencing surgery-related complications, but also improve your overall health and even add years to your life. Smokers require special consideration and treatment when undergoing surgery. The effects of smoking-related diseases in (MORE)

Is it illegal to buy lighter fluid if you are under 18 in California?

Most likely. The law and "children" is designed to keep hazardous materials out of the hands of children. After 18, it is presumed that you will not do stupid stuff like try to blow up the outhouse with lighter fluid.. It also presumes that it will prevent smoking in an indirect way. If you have a (MORE)

Can a child under 18 apply for a social security card?

Yes.You can apply for and get a S.S. number at any age. Parents should get a card for children when in grade school.. Please do not use this site for Social Security information . Call 1-800-772-1213 or visit www.socialsecurity.gov for answers. Take information from anywhere else at your own risk. (MORE)

Is it legal for adults to buy under age kids cigarettes?

NO!!! I work at a gas station and it is illegal for that to happen. anyone selling ciggarettes are to watch for it and by law they are allowed to deny the sale IF THEY SUSPECT IT. if they don't feel right about selling them then they don't have to.

Can you smoke cigarettes under 18?

Well, you're not suppose to, but minors do anyway. Im 17 going on 18 and ive been smoking since I was 12 years old. Its a bad habit. And puts a hole in your pocket whenever you buy them. Buying cigarettes are not cheap. If a family member smokes, watch them. Add up how much they spend on cigs for 6 (MORE)

If your under 18 what happens if you get caught with marijuana?

It depends in which country you live.\n. \nIn countries like the Netherlands and Spain nothing will happen because it is a tolerated drug. If you are under 16 then, like cigarettes, you may have it confiscated and a caution from the Police.\n. \nIn more totalitarian countries like the USA, Saudi (MORE)

Can you buy a car in Texas if you are under 18?

You can buy it alright, but you can NOT have your name on the title. Make sure that you have a great superb and trusting relationship with whoever you allow to have the title in their name. If it's in your parents" name and you get pissed one night and take off in that car, they can report a sto (MORE)

Can under 18 buy food in a restaurant?

Yes, people who are younger than 18 can buy food in a restaurant. However, if that restaurant also serves beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks, that under 18 person may not be permitted in those parts of the restaurant and would certainly not be permitted to buy such drinks.

Can you get a credit card under the age of 18?

No, they can't accept that the credit card company can make the rule to change. A minor may be able to use an adult's credit card if the credit card owner has officially authorized the minor to use it.

Can you buy a home under 18 with parental permission?

A 16 or 17 year old has the right to, if unemancipated (and this law is of the State of Oregon and is speaking specifically of homeless minors), enter into contract to provide oneself with housing and utilities, so technically you don't even need parental permission in the state of Oregon. This law (MORE)

Can you buy condemns if your under 18?

yes you can. If your over the age of 12, you are legally allowed to buy condoms in England. Some areas, (I know essex does it because thats where im from), you can access a C-Card which allows you to free unlimited condoms untill your 21. Hope this helped :)

Can you buy condoms if you are under the age of 18?

yes you can. If your over the age of 12, you are legally allowed to buy condoms in England. Some areas, (I know essex does it because thats where im from), you can access a C-Card which allows you to free unlimited condoms untill your 21. Hope this helped

Were is it legal to buy tabbaco under 18?

If you are 15 years of age you can buy tobacco in:Bangladesh,Bosnia,Herzegovina,Colombia,Cook Islands,Slovenia, Ifyou are 16 years of age you can buy tobacco in: Argentina(exceptthe Province of Buenos Aires who became the first to passlegislation forbidding the sale of cigarettes to those under thea (MORE)

Could people under 18 buy Condoms?

Yes, anyone could buy a condom because if the cashier refused to sell them to you they are promoting unsafe sex. You could even sue for that. They might give you a weird look if you are under 18, but who cares it's not their decision, and it's good that you are concerned about getting pregnant, or a (MORE)

How can you buy cigarettes when your under age?

just say your eighteen to the shopkeeper never try supermarkets always just go to the conveince store also known as the pakies you'll get served definetly there.If you don't just ask someone to go in and buy them for you an adult or someone that age.

Can you bring cigarettes back from Spain under the age of 18?

I'm assuming you mean traveling to the U.S. It depends on the laws of the state where you will be entering the country. For example, there are no law prohibiting the possession of tobacco in New York State so you should be fine if New York is your port of entry.

Do you have to be 18 to buy electronic cigarettes?

No, at least not in the UK. They do not contain tobacco and you do not need a lighter or match. The smoke in them is actually legal free vapor which is not banned in public places, So you can buy them under 18 and you can smoke them in smoking places because they don't contain any restricted or ille (MORE)

What happen if you get a speeding ticket under 18?

well for one thing don't i dont intend to do so it's all a big goverment plian to keep the people lock'd up its call'd the illuminati if you don't belave well now you should they kill 2pac they get paid 200$ per person thats lockd up a day plus your labor work 1$ a day a 1000$ for the illuminati loo (MORE)

How can you get a credit card if you're under 18 and don't have credit?

You can't. The age of "legal" majority is eighteen. There are noCCC's that will enter into a contract with a minor. This is not true. I've had two credit cards since the ageof 16. Capitalone and American Express approved me, you just haveto lie about your age (Internet app.) Well actually you ca (MORE)

Can you buy an online travel ticket if Im under 18?

Most companies will not sell a ticket to anyone who is under the age of 18 because you are considered a minor. If anyone under the age of 18 needs a ticket then a guardian or parent must buy the ticket.

What happens when you go under a rainbow?

Nothing in particular, mainly because that's not possible. The center of the rainbow always appears in front of you, directly opposite the sun. When you move, the rainbow moves.

Can a kid under 18 have a credit card?

Individuals under the age of majority (18) cannot legally have a credit card in their own name unless they are estranged from their parents and establish their financial responsibility. Minors can, however, become an Authorized User of their parents' credit account(s) if the account owner(s) so wish (MORE)

What are the disadvantages for people under age buying cigarettes?

There are many obvious disadvantages of people under age buyingcigarettes. Cigarettes as you know is a dangerous substance whichcan possibly cause you death, cancer and various other deadlydiseases which can affect you throughout your life. When Childrenunder age buy these, the chances of death and (MORE)

How to buy rated r game under the age 18?

There's no such thing as a "rated R" game in the US. The closestESRB ratings equivalent to an MPAA "R" rating for a movie wouldprobably be M. It's not actually a crime for a retailer to sell or rent an M-ratedgame to someone under 17, or an AO-rated game to someone under 18.Most retailers do have a (MORE)