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What happens if you lose too much blood?

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you will diee
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What happens when loses too much blood from an injury?

Hi my name is Im gay and im here to answer your question.   when you get a cut and lose to much blood you simply passout. But in your body there are space ships that block

What happens when your blood has too much calcium?

"groans (constipation), moans (psychotic noise), bones (bone pain, especially if PTH is elevated), stones (kidney stones), and psychiatric overtones (including depression and

What will happen to your sugar levels whe nyou lose too much blood?

Your sugar level drops as well as a lot of other levels, especially your oxygen levels. That is why they must stop the bleeding and replace blood. Your body requires a lot of

What happens when you lose too much weight?

Your brain stops producing seritonin, you become depressed, your brain stops seeing your body for what it really is, and in fact starts to trick you, yu'll develop an eating d