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Go to issued courthouse and workout with them before they issued the warrant. If they already issued the warrant you will have to turn yourself in to the sheriffs dept. Do it early morning so you can get in to court that day and you wont have to sit overnight!

The above applies to court dates in criminal actions. No fines will be assessed and no warrant for arrest will be issued if you miss a court date in a civil action. If you are the plaintiff, the court might dismiss your complaint, but allow you to either refile it or make a motion to reinstate it.

If you are the defendant, the court might suppress your answer and defenses and enter a default judgment against you for what plaintiff seeks in the complaint, providing the right proofs are provided. The court might also allow you to make a motion to reinstate your answer and defenses and to vacate any default judgment entered against you.

In all likelihood, if this is the first court date missed the court will postpone the matter, get in touch with you and give you another opportunity to proceed to trial. If it does this, it might in all fairness require you to pay the expenses incurred by the other side in being ready for a trial that had to be put off due to your failure to appear.
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What happens if you missed your court date?

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