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What happens if you name a character in a book but then someone already has the same name in real life but you don't know them - can you use their name?

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Yes you can use the name.
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What happens in New Moon by Stephaney Myer don't know if I spelled her name right Like a summary Please tell me I lost my book?

what happens in the book new moon? in new moon edward leaves because jaspher attacks Bella after he leaves Bella starts hanging out with Jacob and then Jacob becomes a werewo

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The original Kipling characters    Akela (the lone wolf),   Raksha (wolf), "protection" in Hindi;   Father Wolf (wolf)   Baloo (bear)   Bagheera (black

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Well, Rachel's name is lea, I'm not entirely of the spelling though. And I think these are someones name- Ryan, amber, Kevin, Donna and heather. I'm so sorry-but that's th

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Cody Martin, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, is the erudite, sweet, intelligent, wise, tidy, and sensitive twin. Cody performs well academically, is a straight A student, and has s
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The real name is i don't know?

maria Lisa Megan Aimee Amy Cary's Lia Madison Louis rowan Yevette Andriana Alfie Jacobs frankie francesca antoney josh kaitlin emily caitlin sam molly elle camron jack james j