What happens if you use kerosene instead of heating oil?

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Kerosine and heating oil are the same thing
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Can home heating oil be substituted for kerosene in a kerosene heater if your furnace isn't working?

No way hosea! Is it possible if you have the right setup. It all depends on what type of furnace you are using Not without causing further problems - in mobile home furnaces

Why is kerosene used as jet fuels instead of petrol?

It is not kerosene but a kerosene type fuel used in jets or aircraft. Jet fuel is a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Jet fuel must be free from water contamination. Synthetic

Can you use kerosene instead of diesel?

A diesel engine will run fine on kerosene. If you are going to run it on kerosene for an extended amount of time you might want to put some lubricant additive in with it. Wint

Can put heating oil in your kerosene heater?

If your kerosene heater has a wicker which will carry the fuel additive (kerosene or oil) up towards the flame then you may put oil. However, if the heater works on hydrocaron

What happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide and kerosene oil?

depends on the hydrogen peroxide. if the hydrogen peroxide is likethe one found in the medical section or in the cabnet of themedical stuff, nothing will likely happen. I didn
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Can you add Kerosene to your heating fuel oil tank?

Since Kerosene and oil are two different substances I would think not. I would NOT try experimenting though if you don't know what you are doing.
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Can kerosene be used as home heating fuel?

Kerosene should not be used as a home heating oil unless the unit is designed to do just that, kerosene may be used in a small amount to inhibit gelling of fuel oil during ext