What happens if you use kerosene instead of heating oil?

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Kerosine and heating oil are the same thing
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Can home heating oil be substituted for kerosene in a kerosene heater if your furnace isn't working?

No way hosea! Is it possible if you have the right setup. It all depends on what type of furnace you are using Not without causing further problems - in mobile home furnaces especially. Using heating oil in a smaller system can result in clogged nozzles and filters causing the system to malfuntion (MORE)

What is kerosene used for?

1 Well there is two uses for it one is to propel a rocket. 2 The other is a flame propellent for a fire. 1 Well there is two uses for it one is to propel a rocket. 2 The other is a flame propellent for a fire. Kerosine has many other uses: 1. Additive with gasoline to make some aviation fuels 2. A (MORE)

What uses of kerosene?

One disadvantage is that it isn't rennewable. it isn't viable which means that it doesn't have enough to supply for ever and ever One disadvantage is that it isn't rennewable. it isn't viable which means that it doesn't have enough to supply for ever and ever

Why is kerosene used as jet fuels instead of petrol?

It is not kerosene but a kerosene type fuel used in jets or aircraft. Jet fuel is a mixture of various hydrocarbons. Jet fuel must be free from water contamination. Synthetic Jet fuel and Jet biofuels are used in different airways. Chemically they are not exactly same as kerosene or petrol.

What to use instead of musk oil?

Musk oil these days is a synthetic, so it has been moved from the list of commonly used magical oils. It will depend on the spell you are using it in. Check your source books and make a substitution based on the outcome you are looking for. If however you are looking for a substitution for musk (MORE)

What can you use instead of crude oil?

You can use hydrogen instead as long as it was teste so you couldn't blow up your car after. Also, you could use water as it's an endless resource because it's all around us and it can be used to very good use. You could use eletric but oil is used for more stuff than we think like oil can be used i (MORE)

Can you use kerosene instead of diesel?

A diesel engine will run fine on kerosene. If you are going to run it on kerosene for an extended amount of time you might want to put some lubricant additive in with it. Winter diesel is various blends of diesel and kerosene.In the UK you may wish to think about the tax implications,road fuel carri (MORE)

Can you mix kerosene with home heating oil without damage to furnace or contaminating home heating oil?

Yes you can; According to "FlashOffRoad" "Kerosene is routinely added to home heating oil, in large quantities. The furnace doesn't know, or care. The furnace oil pump does not have the same clearances (they are more crude, greater clearances, lower pressure...) and the kerosene won't hurt them. (MORE)

Can you add kerosene to your home heating oil tank to help clean out the sludge?

I just had a service technician clean my burner in preparation for the winter. I showed him a product I had purchased at Home Depot called Hercules fuel oil sludge treat. It comes in a one quart container and you put a pint in for a 275 gallon tank just before a delivery. The technician said you wou (MORE)

What can you use instead of oil in a cake?

i have heard that you can use apple sauce. but i dont know how much in relation to the oil When using applesauce as a sub, I use the amount called for plus 1/4 cup. You can also use butter or margarine (melted)

Can put heating oil in your kerosene heater?

If your kerosene heater has a wicker which will carry the fuel additive (kerosene or oil) up towards the flame then you may put oil. However, if the heater works on hydrocaron compression-combustion priciple, then oil may not work as a fuel additive

What can you use instead of oil TELL ME?

butter, but it will make whatever you're cooking have a thicker/richer taste, which is good in some cases, bad in others, depending on what it is you're making. it doesnt have to be REAL butter, it can be the butters that aren't really butters "i can't believe its not butter" or "country crock" or w (MORE)

What can you use instead of oil?

Instead of using oil you can use butter this works just as well as oil sometimes even better .One bad thing is butter can be worse for your health then oil .Also there are oil sustitutes made out there.

What happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide and kerosene oil?

depends on the hydrogen peroxide. if the hydrogen peroxide is likethe one found in the medical section or in the cabnet of themedical stuff, nothing will likely happen. I didn't try it my selfso if you want to find out, experiment. But what i do know is thatif it's consentraited and comes in contact (MORE)

Can you use butter instead of oil?

That would really depend on the type of food you are preparing. You can use butter instead of oil to prepare certain foods such as grilled cheese, eggs, pancakes, etc.

What will happen when high power objective is used with water instead of oil?

When a microscope is used with a very high magnification objective the image can be spoiled by the number of refractions as light goes from one medium to another (glass to air, for example). In order to help this a drop of special oil is placed on the slide cover slip and the bottom of the objective (MORE)

What could you use instead of oil?

It depends what you are making. If you are sauteeing vegetables like onions and garlic or whatever, you could try using a little veg or chicken broth if you don't want to use any kind of fat. Maybe it would work for foods other than vegetables, but I haven't tried it. If you can use fat, coconut oil (MORE)

Can you use lard instead of oil?

If you are using it to fry meat or veggies, you may use either one but oil is better healthwise for your arteries. If you are making cakes, melt the lard before mixing into the batter. Lard is better to use for making cookies than oil. Oil will make a rather flat cookie.

Why do you use gas for central heating instead of coal or oil?

Of the three fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), gas releases least carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), so if fossil fuel has to be used, gas is the best. Gas is also cleaner burning, and easier to "transport" than coal or oil. Gas can be delivered in canisters or through a pipeline from the street. Cl (MORE)

Can kerosene be used as home heating fuel?

Kerosene should not be used as a home heating oil unless the unit is designed to do just that, kerosene may be used in a small amount to inhibit gelling of fuel oil during extremely cold weather.

Is heating oil easy to use?

Residential heating oil is an extremely simple and affordable option to keep your home warm in the winter months. Fuel oil distributors have made it easy for homeowners to schedule round-the-clock residential fuel oil and schedule deliveries and even request an emergency oil delivery if necessary. (MORE)

What would happen if you use motor oil instead of gear oil in a rear differental?

It would be fine for a very long time, but eventually it may wear more than with a gear oil. Gear oil uses an additive that causes it to "stick" to the gears better than an engine oil so the gears that make contact above the the oil level will receive oil pulled up by a gear that does contact the oi (MORE)

What is the benefit to adding kerosene to home heating oil?

if you have a basement you can employ a gravity fed day tank with outdoor oil tank or an indoor storage tank. oil pumps typically have a relief valve that sends oil not needed by the orifice back to the storage tank. in many climates this is sufficient to keep the oil warm enough to flow ke (MORE)

What happens if 10w30 oil is used instead of 5w20 oil?

You will have excess engine wear. Look at it this way. The engineers designed the engine in your car. They then chose a weight of oil that you should use. You decide to ignore them and use something else. What exactly do you think will happen? And besides, what good reason do you have for using a we (MORE)

What will happen if you use 10w-30 instead of 5w-30 oil?

If 5w30 is the recommended oil and you use 10w30 your engine will suffer excess wear over time. Why in the world would you want to use another weight of oil than what the manufacture recommends? Use exactly what the manufacture and designer of your engine tells you to use and nothing else.

Can you use petrol instead of kerosene in a kerosene run generator?

No, the petrol has a higher ignition flash point than that of kerosene. It would be like using petrol in a diesel engine. The engine would run extremely hot and the engine could be destroyed. As diesel uses compression to burn the fuel petrol needs a spark. The petrol under higher compression will p (MORE)

Can you use kerosene in a fuel oil furnace?

Yes and no. An unmodified oil burner will burn far more kerosene than fuel oil for which it is designed. If you replace the nozzle with a smaller nozzle and adjust the air, using an orsatz [orsat gas analyzer], a device for determining the combustion efficiency of the flame, you will be able to use (MORE)