What happens to Penelope while Odysseus absence?

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Penelope was besieged by suitors of various class and to hold them off, she declared that she would weave a shawl for Odysseus and would choose one of them to be her husband at the time she finished it. In secret she unweave at night what she had woven in the day. The suitors were enraged upon learning this and became more obnoxious.
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How does Penelope recognize Odysseus?

First, Odysseus told Penelope that he is Odysseus. But Penelope wanted to make sure that it was the real Odysseus and not one of the suitors. So she gave him a challenge. ANd the challenge is: in their master bedroom...there was a bed and all 4 of the legs of the bed looked like a tree stump. And on (MORE)

How does Odysseus prove his identity to Penelope?

He tells her how he built their bed. She told him that she would move his bed. The bed was made from a living olive tree that Odysseus had planted; nobody but Odysseus and Penelope knew this. Odysseus was outraged as moving it would have damaged the bed greatly, and would be near to impossible. H (MORE)

Why does Penelope test Odysseus?

Penelope tests Odysseus to see if he is still worthy to be her husband and also to ensure that he is truly who he says he is. She is highly suspicious of him as she has not seen him in over twenty years.

How did Odysseus prepare to meet Penelope?

Odysseus prepared by disguising himself as a beggar, and managing to enter his castle during his feast. He build up his reputation as an old man who had lost his wealth.

What is the secret of the marriage bed of Odysseus and Penelope?

The "marriage" bed or more formally known as the "bridal" bed, was the bed that Odysseus made with his bare hands, and he carved it into a tree that was growing through his house. Odysseus had taken years to build the bed, and it was a gift to Penelope, as a symbol of his love for her. When Penelope (MORE)

How does Penelope test Odysseus' identity?

Penelope tests Odysseus identity by cleverly suggesting that they move their bed to another room so that she can get used to Odysseus, whom has been away for so long. The test is that the bed is unmovable since it is built into the trunk of a tree, but only Odysseus and Penelope know that.

Why did Odysseus leave Penelope?

Odysseus dodn't necessarily "leave" Penelope. He was advised by Athena to fight for Ithaca in the battle against Troy. Odysseus was reluctant to do so, for his wife had just given birth to a baby boy, Telemacus. He told Penelope that if he had not returned by the time that Telemacus had a beard, he (MORE)

What is the gift that Penelope gave to Odysseus?

Penelope gave Odysseus a glistening shirt, a purple wool, double-lined mantle, and a gold brooch to fasten the mantle. The gold brooch had two catches for the pin, and a dog strangling a struggling spotted fawn between its forepaws on the face of it. The shirt was soft and fitted Odysseus 'like the (MORE)

What does Odysseus tell Penelope about himself?

Odysseus makes up a story about himself being from Crete. He spins a story of meeting Odysseus before the war, and hearing about him after the war from the Thesprotians, where he is still alive, but preparing to http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_does_Odysseus_tell_Penelope_when_he_is_disguised_as_a_be (MORE)

Why does Penelope summon Odysseus?

Penelope's ostensible offer of marriage and her solicitation of gifts constitute a dolos with a double aim: to keep the suitors off guard and to reassure Odysseus of her loyalty, in the well-founded belief that he has today returned in the guise of the stranger.

How does Penelope outwit Odysseus?

In an attempt to ensure Odysseus is who he says he is Penelope instructs the servant Eurycleia to move the marrage bed down into the great hall. This upsets Odysseus as one of the bed posts was made from an Olive tree which grew in his room and Odysseus thinks it has been broken apart. The detail Od (MORE)

Why doesn't Penelope recognize Odysseus?

Athena disguised Odysseus as a beggar, in order to carry out his plan to kill the suitors, and therefore he is unrecognizable to Penelope as Odysseus. Further, even after Odysseus reveals himself to Penelope, it has been 20 years since she last saw him, and she is scared that he may be an imposto (MORE)

What did Odysseus tell Penelope?

Since Odysseus was married to Penelope, he told her many things. Note: You may want a more specific event -> more specific answer. See related questions.

What finally makes Odysseus mad at Penelope?

Penelope asks Anticlea to move her bed to another room. Since the bed is built into an oak tree, this implied that the bed had either been heavily damaged so that it could be moved, or that the fine bed that Odysseus had crafted himself had been destroyed and replaced.

How are Penelope and Odysseus similar?

Both are really strong. Penelope always think positive and didn't lose hope. She believe that Odysseus will be back home. Odysseus also think that he'll be back home sooner or later.

What is happening in Ithaca while Odysseus is away?

While Odysseus is away from Ithaca, several of the lords andchiefs are heading over to where Odysseus has built his homebecause they believe that their King is dead. The begin to try andget Penelope to marry them and anger Telemachus who believes thathis father is still alive. Athena eventually come (MORE)

Did Penelope cheat on Odysseus?

No. Penelope was completely faithful to Odysseus even after 20 years of not seeing him. Penelope is often equated with faithfulness.

Who suffered more Odysseus or Penelope?

Due to this being an opinion question, there is no right or wrong answer. Here is my view: I believe Odysseus suffered more. Although Penelope did face mental and emotional pain, it was only for the last three years. Odysseus had 20 years of fighting the war, beats, hunger, and other obstacles o (MORE)

Why was Odysseus displeased with Penelope?

When he came back from The Trojan War/his journey after 20 years she didn't believe it was really him, she thought it was someone pretending to be him. Since so many people had tried to trick her before.

Did Odysseus fear Penelope?

No. He was concerned that she had 'moved on' from their relationship. Not likely that the man who had battled with the likes of Hector and Ajax (the greater) would be afraid of a mere woman.

What favor does Athena grant Odysseus and Penelope?

Athena begs her father Zeus to allow her to aid Odysseus, so he can go home to his family. She says,"My own heart is broken for Odysseus". Athena goes as far as enhancing his appearance so that Princess Nausikaa will be sure to help him reach home. Once Odysseus reaches the city that Nausikaa leads (MORE)

How does Penelope help Odysseus?

She doesn't. She waits for him patiently and keeps her suitors who are after her, her son, and her husbands lands, riches and belongings. She does not directly help or hinder him in his adventure, as Circe, Calypso, and Nausicaa do (the other major females in the Odyssey), but she does keep his belo (MORE)

What is the difference between Odysseus and Penelope?

Penelope was the wife of Odysseus, the king of the Greek island-nation, Ithaca. He fought in the Trojan War and struggled home from what is now Turkey across the Mediterranean Sea to Ithaca. Also, contrary to popular belief, Odysseus was not striving to see his wife, and The Odyssey is not a love (MORE)

How does Odysseus prove identity to Penelope?

Penelope orders the removal of her marriage bed. Odysseus knows it cannot be removed as one of the 'legs' is a growing tree which he himself planted when he built the bed. He reminds Penelope that only he, she and one maid have ever entered the room.

How does Penelope feel about the departure of Odysseus?

Terrible! Her new husband, who she JUST had a son with (Telemachus) has just went to war! How would you feel if you knew you probably wouldn't see your boyfriend/girlfriend for a long time, not to mention that they might die. BTY, he was gone for 20 something years before she saw him again. I'd feel (MORE)

How did Odysseus prove the fedility of his wife Penelope?

Believing him to be dead, Penelope sets up a contest where shedecides the person who can string Odysseus' bow and shoot an arrowthrough twelve axe shafts can have her hand. Odysseus is the onlyone who can string the bow and do this. When he reveals hisidentity to her, she believes it's one of the go (MORE)