What happens to people in north Korea if they speak out against the government?

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People in North Korea do not speak out. This is not only against the law, it's a cultural taboo. It doesn't happen. If it did, they would go to prison along with their entire extended family.
You either get executed or send to a labor camp. no one is allowed to speak against the government.
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What type of government does North Korea have?

Officially, North Korea is self-stated to have a Juche socialist republic (also known as a single-party system government ).However, it is common belief among foreigners

What does US have against North Korea?

They invaded South Korea, the people are starving and have famine. No freedom a basic US ideal, North Korea's diplomacy is unpredictable and radical. and if you want to be m

Why do some people have hard feeling against North Korea?

Because they cause needless problems in the world today. They see the earth as competition. Right now, US clearly dominates and they want to beat them, which is why they are d

Why is North Korea a totalitarian government?

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (commonly known as North Korea) is officially a single-party military dictating Juche republic, which is incorrectly colloquiallized

What happens to the people that speak out against the US government?

In the Bill of Rights there is the freedom of speech. This includes written or oral speech and in a perfect government nothing would happen, but events do happen in protests.

How can the people of North Korea change their government?

This is an impossibility. In order for the people to be able tochange their government they would either (1) be required to havesome ability to protest or (2) have the militar