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What happens when Lizard fall on left arm?

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it wud bring shame to you...thats wat older ppl usually say...
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Why is the Brachiosaurus called arm lizard?

  Brachiosaurus was the first discovered dinosaur that had arms that were longer than its legs. This feature is only found among Brachiosaurus and its relatives.

Why does a lizards tail fall off?

In some species, it is a defence mechanism - to allow the lizard to escape from predators. The tail usually grows back over time.

What happens when you kill lizard?

When you kill a lizard, it goes to heaven and asks god to bring you bad luck..... one person killed a lizard and after a few days his uncle died. Never kill a lizard.

What happens if a lizard falls on left leg?

You should probably wash your leg off and get the lizard off of your leg. Nothing else happens besides you going,"Oh no!" or something similar.

What is the meaning of falling lizard on the humman bodyparts?

The meaning depends on where specifically the lizard falls. For  example, if it falls on your hair, it means you'll gain something  in the immediate future. If it falls on y

Why does it matter if a lizard falls on you?

It doesn't matter unless the lizard is poisoness and you will die if it bites you, but other than that you should be fine unless you are a person who gets scared of small anim