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What happens when you are going through withdrawals from morphine?

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FOR THE PROCESS OF THIS ANSWER WE ARE GOING TO CONSIDER THIS A LONGTERM HEAVY USER. Morphine withdrawals or DT's (delirium tremens is the medical name ) starts out as severe body-aches, head aches, just pain in general and will progress to cold sweats nausea and sever diarrhea. These symptoms can and for most people do last several days. If you are a heavy user either do not quit or wean yourself gradually by cutting the dosage down over days or weeks if you have the luxury. Never ever go cold turkey if You wish to avoid the DTs. This is speaking from 20 years of elicit opiate use.
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How do you support the person going through lexapro withdrawal?

I have decided to answer this question posted on your website:   " How do you support the person going through Lexapro with drawls?" I have been on my computer for two an

How long does it take to withdraw from morphine?

It can vary from person to person, but on average one would expect the worst to be over in 7 to 10 days with certain less severe effects like lack of sleep to go on much longe

What are morphine sulfate withdrawal symptoms?

Morphine Sulfate withdrawals are the same as most any other opiate/opioid (with some exceptions and slight variations). Opiates/opiates come from the Poppy plant, or are synt

Will Dilaudid help with morphine withdrawals?

do not take dilaudid for morphine withdrawals.this is ascenine..U will simply start your detox over being how dilaudid is 4 to 5 times stronger than morphine accroding to mgs.

How long does morphine withdrawal last?

i am currently going through morphine withdrawal. it is 7:30 am and i am entering my 10th day of withdrawal. if anyone would have told me it would go on for this long i dont k

Can you go through withdrawals from Adderall?

yes if u take adderall for months without giving ur body a break it would produce sum withdraw symptoms. The most noticedable 1s are u are sleepy all the time and u keep on mu

Will you go through withdrawal systems from quitting spice?

Yes you will. Just like marijuana, if you smoke it regularly you form a mental habit with smoking and quitting can lead you to feeling stressed, annoyed and unhappy. I have fo
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How do you help someone going through withdrawals?

There is no real way you can help them, just support them make sure they don't get back on the drug if it's bad enough slowly get them off the drug yourself by giving them sma

How do you overcome morphine withdrawal symptoms?

You only try something like this with a doctor handy! You will need medication to help you overcome the powerful withdrawal symptoms caused by using illegal drugs. Your doctor
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Will morphine get you off heroin or put you through a withdrawal l?

Morphine, or any other opiate, such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, opium, methadone - in short, any opioid agonist - are all interchangeable in terms of making you well. So certai

How do you go through the withdrawal from paroxetine safely?

Do not take the dose one day and stop the next, take it again another day and stop again - That will not work unless you are one of those lucky persons that have a great toler
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How do you deal with someone going through withdrawals?

A person going through withdrawals may need medical help in order  to get through them safely, depending on what kind of withdrawal it  is and how serious their symptoms are