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What happens when you are going through withdrawals from morphine?

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FOR THE PROCESS OF THIS ANSWER WE ARE GOING TO CONSIDER THIS A LONGTERM HEAVY USER. Morphine withdrawals or DT's (delirium tremens is the medical name ) starts out as severe body-aches, head aches, just pain in general and will progress to cold sweats nausea and sever diarrhea. These symptoms can and for most people do last several days. If you are a heavy user either do not quit or wean yourself gradually by cutting the dosage down over days or weeks if you have the luxury. Never ever go cold turkey if You wish to avoid the DTs. This is speaking from 20 years of elicit opiate use.
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There is no real way you can help them, just support them make sure they don't get back on the drug if it's bad enough slowly get them off the drug yourself by giving them sma

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fell down Mexican pavers 2005 ER told nothing broken. 2006-7 severe  sciatic pain L leg. Tried all txs sent to surgon,He did L 4-5  laminectomy 6-08. Sciatic pain gone but l

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