What happens when you are playing Pokemon GO but the Pokemon you need to catch is in the water?

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Normally, you can attempt to capture a Pokemon from a few hundred feet away. If standing on shore isn't getting you close enough, try renting a kayak or boat to get there. Do NOT go out into water if you are not comfortable swimming or do not have proper safety flotation devices. Your health and your life are not worth that Magikarp.
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What happens after you catch all the Pokemon?

I've hered If you go to the game desiner he will give you somthing, on Sapphire if you get all the honan Pokemon and go to prefesor oke you can get another starter Pokemon (20

What happens when you catch all Pokemon?

Congratulations the game freak developer in the Celadon mansion will give you a diploma plus you get a gold trainer card and lastly prof oak will... Roar at you?

On Pokemon Pearl what water Pokemon can you catch?

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Most water type Pokemon can be lured in using a rod if you stand next to any patch of water use a rod to catch a Pokemon but every time it says you have a bite press A until t
In Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

What Pokemon do you need to catch reggigas on Pokemon Diamond?

you need to migrate the original regis (regics, rigirock and registeel) from emerald ruby or Sapphire. then go to the snow city with the 7th gym leader and go to the top of