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What happens when you get stabbed with a pencil?

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Louis clinch died ;(
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What happens when you get stabbed?

It depends how big it is you may or may not die...if the cut is like a pen/pencil u should wash it off good with soap and water than put a band-aid on it..if it is a big cut u

What should you put on your hand when you get stabbed with a pencil?

An antibiotic cream or gel like Neosporin and a bandaid. Pencils are not made with lead anymore, because lead is poisonous. They are filled with graphite, so just treat it lik

What happens when you stab yourself with a pencil?

There wouldn't be anything bad besides bleeding if there's a black line made by the pencil when you were stabed, you can't do anything about it unless you accidentally rip the

What do you do if you are stabbed with a lead pencil?

You tell your parents or if there's nobody there, either call your doctor. You could either get led poisoning or blood poisoning. But if you get the led out with a pin then yo

Which horror movie does someone get Stabbed in ear with pencil?

im looking this up aswell the film is about a couple and they are monsters, they are a incest couple coz it;s the mum and son in the relationship.... later on his in the park

What happens if you get stabbed with a knife in the liver?

You die a really slow and painful death. The liver is a really vulnerable organ. Of course, if you're lead to the closest emergency services before that, they probably can hel

What would happen if you stab an eye?

Eyesight could be lost in that eye.

What do you do if you stab your eye with a pencil?

It would depend on the severity of the wound, if your eyelid was closed then your eye will probably just feel sore. If you damage your eye (aka: have trouble seeing or feel ir