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What happens when you lock your Twitter account?

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When you lock your Twitter account only your followers can see your updates. Also, you will have to approve any new followers.

It's like as if only your friends have the option to see you, kind of like being a king, you approve and see who can do stuff, but only a few people can see you.
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How do you lock your twitter account?

go to your twitter account and select "protect my tweets". i think if someone you're following and they're not following you back and they're account is set to private they

How do you get an account on Twitter?

Go to the Twitter home page and click on "sign up"

What is a Twitter account?

Twitter.com is a social networking site. Originally used by businesses etc, to post important status' pertaining to their line of work, to allow their co-workers to read what

Can you follow a locked Twitter account?

You can send a request to the person who's account it is and they will either accept or deny. If they accept, you will be following the account.