What happens when you push the stop button on the elevator?

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The elevator stops and a person talks to you
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How do you get your power door locks to work when you push the button and nothing happens?

Answer . Start by checking for a bad fuse or relay in your fuse panel or power. distribution box in your engine compartment. THE POWER DISTRIBUTION. BOX IS LIVE - DISCONNECT YOUR NEGATIVE BATTERY CABLE.. Some models, like my 1995 have power door lock relays in the jack. storage compartment fo (MORE)

What if you push the fuel cut off button on a 1994 Ford Escort and nothing happens?

That's normal. The fuel cutoff does not cutoff the fuel by being pushed in, it cuts off by being popped up. Using a small screwdriver in the slot, push the button up until it pops. If the car is running, it should slowly stall and die. . Now, if you did THAT, and nothing happened, the fuel cutof (MORE)

How do elevator buttons work?

When you press the button, a microswitch creates a circuit. That circuit sends a signal to the elevator controller, which is a computer that runs the elevator. Instantly, the controller powers the light inside the button, which is usually an LED. At the same time, the elevator is dispatched to your (MORE)

Buttons on a push button phone?

Sorry can you give more detail and I might be able to answer and help. THANKS! Sorry I am not being rude or mean or anything! :)

Is there any push-off button like push-on button?

Yes. The technical term for a push-on button is 'normally open'. If you want a push-off button, you are looking for one with 'normally closed' contacts. Any electronics supply house or electrical supply will know what you are talking about if you ask for a normally-closed pushbutton.

What wrong with automatic door on your 2006 Chrysler van push button and door opens 3 inches and stops?

Most likely one of the wires in the wiring harness is starting to break. Just had the same problem with my 05 T&C with 47k miles; the driver's side door had a dead spot right where the door extends out of the track. Moving it a few more inches would allow the power to kick back in. Eventually it sto (MORE)

Can you push your outty belly button in?

Yes I did it when I was a child. Great story for people too ;) Thought having an outie was weird, so I pushed it in, so it kept on popping out, then one day it didn't come back out. but then I realised I had no friends :(

When was the push button phone invented?

Alexander Graham Bell's invention of the telephone in 1876 rang in the era of talking at a distance. Innovators in the 20th century expanded the telephone's reach across continents and oceans, figuratively shrinking the world and connecting its citizens. Electronic switching systems and other techno (MORE)

Where did You push the button we do the rest come from?

In the time of Kodak founder George Eastman, photography was a complicated process. It required a "pack-horse load" of equipment, plus significant training and skill. Eastman introduced the No. 1 Kodak camera with the catchy slogan "You Press the Button, We Do the Rest", and revolutionized photograp (MORE)

How do you connect a push button start?

A set of relays if you wish to still use your key. And a kit would be the right way to go which would have specific model instructions because it would be different from model to model. If you didnt want to use the key. You would use a swtich for power to allow flow from the batter to all the compon (MORE)

Who invented the push button phone?

Almon Strowger Also: a team at Stromberg Carlson headed by a man named Ron Christian patented the circuit and circuitry used for a push button phone.

What is a shuffle button on an elevator?

Here is the answer directly from Otis: " The Shuffle button is used only by Otis Technicians when they need to change the placement of the lower/upper deck elevators. It allows them to safely board the lower deck car top from the main lobby. A special code is required from the Elevator management sy (MORE)

What button can you push to get a square?

If your question is in relation to a computer keyboard, go to a word processor application such as MS Word and for your font select "Windings" the Square is the lower case Q and the box with an X in it is the lower case X. After entering your box don't forget to change back to a normal Font.

What buttons do you push on a computer to hack?

It depends on what you are trying to hack, ex: if you are trying to hack into the Administrators account then while the computer is booting up ( immedietly when you turn it on write when you press the power button) Hold F8 the button not buttons(f, and 8).

When you push the power button on your computer what happens?

On a desktop (more widely known as PC) computer if it's still on: If you press the button for about or less than 1 second and then let it go, then it shuts down gently. But when you HOLD it for about 5 seconds, sometimes a bit more or less, then it forces the computer to shutdown straight away and (MORE)

What will happen if you push the red button?

If the red button is pushed, such scenarios will occur? 1: You will cause a massive explosion killing you, anyone around you and destroying anything within a 20 mile radius. 2: You will have a nightmare about being murdered by your dead cat. 3: You will cause Justin Bieber to sound good. (might wa (MORE)

What is a pad lockable push button?

It is a push button that has the capacity to be locked so as to render is inoperable when pushed. These types of button locks are used on start buttons as a safety measure in industrial applications.

What buttons do you push to capture a Pokemon?

What system do you have? DS: You must need at least one Pokeball with you to try to catch a Pokemon. While in battle, press the Items section and press Pokeballs section and you press the Pokeball. GBA: In battle you press right arrow and press A on the Items sections and look for the Pokeball sect (MORE)

What button do you push to fly in minecraft?

If its the Desktop/PC Edition, double tap the space bar, if its the Pocket Edition, double tap the square in the middle of the arrow buttons and if its the Xbox Edition, double press the button that you use to jump. You can only do this on creative mode.

What if the buttons won't let you push them?

Buttons may become sticky if sloppy people have spilled food or drinks on them, and did not clean up. That is one possible explanation. We would have to examine the buttons in question, to be sure what is actually wrong with them.

What is the purpose of push buttons?

Push buttons are a type of mechanism that is present on many devices, such as computers. Their main purpose is to send a signal to perform an action when pressed down on.

What is the correct way of pushing a wheelchair in a elevator?

Pull the wheelchair backwards into the elevator. The large back wheels will roll smoothly over the gap between the floor and the elevator, while the small front wheels may bind and dump the patient head-first onto the floor. Also, you can back up until you're touching the back wall without injury, b (MORE)