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Shock may result from trauma, heatstroke, allergic reactions, severe infection, poisoning, emotional trauma, or other causes. Various signs and symptoms appear in a person experiencing shock:'''
'''The skin is cool and clammy. It may appear pale or gray.'''
'''The pulse is weak and rapid. Breathing may be slow and shallow, or hyperventilation (rapid or deep breathing) may occur. Blood pressure is below normal.
'''The eyes lack luster and may seem to stare. Sometimes the pupils are dilated.
'''The person may be conscious or unconscious. If conscious, the person may feel faint or be very weak or confused. Shock sometimes causes a person to become overly excited and anxious.'''
If you think that someone is going into shock call 911 and have them lay down.
'''Check for signs of circulation (breathing, coughing or movement). If absent, begin CPR.
'''Keep the person warm and comfortable. Loosen belt and tight clothing and cover the person with a blanket. Even if the person complains of thirst, give nothing by mouth.'''
'''Turn the person on their side to prevent choking if the person vomits or bleeds from the mouth.

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