What has 3 hearts 8 arms and a skirt?

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What arm hurts with a heart attack?

The term "hurts" is subjective therefor it is hard to answer. Also that question needs more information to be properly answered.

What arm hurts when you have a heart attack?

Normally people feel pain in their LEFT arm. But heart attacks effect all different people differently. Some may not feel pains in arms, some may feel pain in both arms, a

How does the heart work with the arms?

Well, the main thing it does, obviously, is provide blood to the arms, thus letting you to move your arms, supply energy for muscles, and supplies blood to the nerves so you c

Which arm does a heart attack affect?

The pain of a heart attack often (but not always) radiates down the left arm, often on the "pinky side". The pain can also radiate to the left side of a person's jaw.

Does it heart to break your arm skateboarding?

Yes, you would think so, for there are several ways to avoid this from happening so don't be afraid to skateboard, because it is one of the best sports out there. Overall, no
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What actors and actresses appeared in Hearts and Skirts - 1912?

The cast of Hearts and Skirts - 1912 includes: Sylvia Ashton as Chaperone to Mabel Russell Bassett as The Lawyer Louise Glaum as Mabel Russell, an Heiress Dolly Larkin as Mary