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What has 4 eyes but can't see?

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Well, fifty years ago the answer to this riddle was "Mississippi."

I believe a better, more ironic answer would be "Visibility". While the word itself means 'the state or fact of being visible', a word cannot, in actuality, see. :)
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Who has eyes but can't see?

A potato. They have eyes (Little root like things) but can't see out of them.

Why can't the human eye see infrared light?

The human eye has 2 types of photoreceptor cells. Rods, which are  very sensitive to light (Which allow us to see in low light) and  cones, which are less sensitive to light

Is there colors the human eye can't see?

"The human eye can see visible light from deep red to near violet. However there are some colours that the human eye sees better than other. Humans see yellow rather well. Yel

Why can't you see a solar eclipse with the naked eye?

You can see a solar eclipse with the unguarded eye but it not good for the eye at all. Looking directly at Sol any time is not advised. You can reduce the amount of light with