What has Israel done for the US?

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It has made the US support it, which destroyed the economy. In other words: nothing! The world is the way it is because of our individual contributions to it, not in spite of them. Israel would need less aid if US weren't arming its enemies. Were the US not so determined to arm Israel's neighbors, it would not need to provide so much to aid for Israel's defense. Of course, maybe the US likes maintaining this dependency relationship so it can maintain its influence. It helped in military intelligence
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What is the relationship between the US and Israel?

relatoinship bwtween Israel and the U.S are great.. U.S is the best friend of the Israel.. The relationship express in political and financial support by the U.S, trade between the two countries and cooperatoin in many orher things (like army training and more).

How does the US support Israel?

US supports Israel scientifically, financially. The US supports Israel with the most advanced military hardware to be always stronger than all the other countries of the middle east put together. They know that Israel has atomic weapons and never exercise pressure on Israel to abandon them although (MORE)

Why is Israel good for the US?

It's not necessarily good for the US, but Israel is located in an area where there are no other democracies and is very near the oil. The USA does not like conversing with countries that are not democracies; thus, Israel is sort of an envoy for the USA and the USA supplies Israel with about three bi (MORE)

How much is postage from the US to Israel?

As of April, 2012 Regular letter: Weight not over (ozs.) Price 1 $0.94 2 1.69 3 2.44 3.5 3.19 Large flat envelopes: Weight not over (ozs.) Price Weight not over (ozs.) Price Weight not over (ozs.) Price 1 $1.20 12 $8.05 44 $20.85 2 (MORE)

What has Israel done to Gaza?

Israel attempts to protect herself against terrorist organizations. Gaza is left alone by Israel, except when the terrorists in Gaza attack Israel. For example, today terrorists in Gaza launched over 50 missiles into Israel. When this happens, Israel usually tries to destroy the missile factories.

What is the significance of Israel to US?

Answer . The significance of Israel to the US is that they protect US interests in the middle east. They also share and sell the United States advanced weapon systems that are made in Israel. Israel is also a super power and regional power and nuclear power in the middle east so being a ally to a (MORE)

What is the US role in the establishment of Israel?

The US voted in the affirmative for Israel's statehood and encouraged others to do so. U.S. military aid to Israel did not in fact begin until after the events of the war of Yom Kippur. Prior to that, from its birth until Yom Kippur, all the U.S. gave was recognition, and "moral support," however (MORE)

Why isn't Israel in the US News?

Quite simple, Israel is only in the news when the world thinks it is doing something wrong, it is currently not taking any drastic measures to defend itself so the media will lay low and wait until some israeli minister faces charges or a palestinian family will be evicted from their supposed home b (MORE)

How big is Israel compared to the us?

When we searched on-line for the area of Israel, we found sources that list 8,367 square miles and other sources that list 7,992 square miles. We suspect that the difference may consist of things like Gaza, the West Bank, Golan Heights, etc. We really don't want to get into all of that right n (MORE)

Israel is controlling the US?

Yes, completely. 911 was notOsama Bin Laden it was Mussahd ( i probably spelled it wrong) go on google videos and type in Loose Change. Israel was and probably still is killing innocent women, children, men, animals, and foods in Gaza for NO REASON!! They also bombed Lebanon not to long ago. Israel (MORE)

Can the US have peace with Israel?

The USA is currently the most important (both financially and politically) supporter of the State of Israel. The two nations have strong bilateral trade ties, share high-level strategic intelligence, exchange military technologies, and pioneer new peacetime technologies together. They are strong all (MORE)

Why is the US friends with Israel?

Answer Because all Israel wants to do is keep their freedom and their country, but other coutries want to take it over and bomb it. Plus, the US is in the war as a peace keeper. Answer The US was the first country to recognise the State of Israel in 1948. There is a sizable Jewish population in t (MORE)

Why is the US so loyal to Israel?

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. Israel is an open, progressive, multicultural society which does not through governmental policies oppress women, gays or religious minorities. Israel has many Arab citizens who vote, are represented in Parliament (Knesset) and are business owners or (MORE)

Can Magellan Gps be used in Israel?

I am more familiar with Garmin than Magellan but one thing is sure. If you bought the Magellan here in the states it definitely does not have pre-loaded map sets for Israel. You will have to check with Magellan to see if they offer an additional map set for that region of the world. Typically these (MORE)

Should US invade Israel?

No. The United States has invaded enough countries in recent memory. It does not need to launch a war against a regional ally.

How much bigger is Israel then the US?

israel size is like new york city . ====== In very approximate numbers: Israel has 0.0028 times the area of the USA (0.28 percent), and 0.024 times the population of that country(2.4 percent). Israel has 8.7 times the area of Rhode Island, and 7.1 times the population of that state. (MORE)

Does Israel use the Euro?

No, Israel does not use the Euro. It has its own currency, the Shekel. Israel is not part of the European Union and has no plans to join.

Israel is the size of which us state?

It depends on how big you consider Israel to be. If you use the internationally accepted boundaries, i.e. youexclude the Golan Heights, the West Bank, and the Gaza Strip,Israel is roughly the size of New Jersey. If you include those territories, Massachusetts and Hawaii are bothvery close in area (MORE)

Does the US support Israel or palestine?

Answer 1 In the Israel -- Palestine conflict, the US is neutral on the side of Israel. The United States is trying to get Israel and Palestine to reach a peace agreement between each other. Answer 2 The United States supports both Israel and Palestine. The United States is also prepared to sup (MORE)

Will the us ever be against Israel?

It is conceivable that the United States could take a more criticalposition towards Israel, but for the next two decades, the USshould maintain a Pro-Israel approach because of the large numberof Zionist Christians in the United States. In a few decades,however, the younger generation of Americans w (MORE)

How big is israel relative to the US?

The area of the United States is roughly 440 times the area of Israel. The area of Israel is roughly 7% larger than the area of the state of New Jersey.

What did the country of Israel used to be called?

Names of Israel: Canaan - an ancient name from the Hebrew bible. Kingdom of Judah, Kingdom of Israel - Jewish kingdoms in Israel from the Hebrew bible. Zion - name for Jerusalem, used as a name for Israel by Jewish people who wanted to return. Holy Land - Israel have a lot of places which are holy (MORE)

Why is Israel so important to the US?

Answer 1 -- Since 2001, the US has spent several trillion dollars and several thousand lives in our attempt to build nations in the Middle East, that have stable democratic representative governments, equal rights for all citizens, and little or no threat to their stability from insurgent forces, (MORE)

How long is the flight from us to israel?

About 14 and a half hours. It depends entirely on where you are flying from in the USA. It can take nearly 20 hours from Juneau, Alaska or around 11 hours from New York City.

Why does us side with israel?

The United States supports both Israel, Egypt, and Palestine. The United States is also prepared to support and aide any Arab country (like Egypt) that is willing to trade violence and antagonism for peace. The United States support for the State of Israel is the strongest of the three comes from (MORE)

Is there war between Israel and the US?

No. The United States and Israel are very close allies, engaging in a high level of commercial trade, military coordination, intelligence gathering, and diplomatic support. The United States is probably the last country on Earth that Israel would even consider declaring war on.

Why is the US allies with Israel?

so they are extra protected from war The US is allied with Israel because: 1. Both countries have a vast number of nuclear missiles 2. Both countries hate Iran, China, and Russia (all which have missiles) 3. Israel is the only non Islamic dominated country in the Middle East (most Muslims hate Amer (MORE)

What does the US have to gain from supporting Israel?

The United States gains a sphere of influence both military and economic in a strategic region of the Middle East. In general, Israel is a voice of support for most US actions, particularly in the UN. In addition to the strong trade and military relationships, many Americans support Israel for Bi (MORE)

Does the US fund Israel?

Israel receives aid from the US in the form of grants and loan guarantees, just as Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan, India, Russia, Ukraine, West Bank and Gaza, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and others do.

Will Israel extradite a Jew to the US?

Yes. Israel has an extradition treaty with the US and has had itsince 1963. As for whether Israel will extradite any particularIsraeli citizen depends on the arguments made by the US government(as is typical of other extradition treaties).

What type of religion did Israel used to have?

Israel was established by Jews, and has been predominantly Jewish throughout history (with the exception of the 1st -19th Centuries) but it has always had citizens of many religions.

Why is the US pro Israel?

Because the U.S. supports all democracies. Furthermore, outside of Israel, the U.S. has the largest Jewish population in the world.

How many US troops are in Israel?

The only permanently stationed troops are at the US Embassy. There are some units (typically special operations) who rotate through and cross train with Israeli forces.

When did the US first assist Israel?

Diplomatically: 1948, one of the first countries (along with USSR) to recognize the state. Militarily: 1973 war. The 1948 war involved arms imports from the Eastern Bloc, the 1956 war was a "team" effort with Britain and France, and the 1967 war used French-made aircraft and weapons.

How would you describe Israel to The US?

Israel-United States relations are an important factor in the United States government's overall policy in the Middle East, and Congress has placed considerable importance on the maintenance of a close and supportive relationship. The main expression of Congressional support for Israel has been fore (MORE)

How do you call Israel from US?

Dial 011 (international access prefix), then 972 (country code for Israel), and then the number in Israel, omitting the leading zero.

What is electricity converter from us to Israel?

Like most countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia, Israel's public utility mains supply is 220 volts AC, 50 Hz. Any "foreign current converter" that you buy in the US works in Israel. Many portable/laptop computers and mobile device chargers are now supplied with "wide-mouth" power supplies (MORE)

What kind of alphabet do they use in israel?

Israel uses the Hebrew alphabet to write and print Hebrew, theArabic alphabet to write and print Arabic, and the Latin alphabetto write and print English. That covers the two official languagesof the country, and the most widely spoken non-official one. Signson all major highways, and street signs i (MORE)

Which US Presidents have visited Israel?

Regarding the presidents who have visited, it should first be pointed out that a number of presidents did not. President Obama has not yet visited during his presidency, but he did visit Israel in 2008, before he was elected. And during their time in office, Presidents Harry Truman, Dwight D. Eisenb (MORE)

What kind of alphabet does Israel use?

Israel uses the Hebrew alphabet for the Hebrew language, the Arabic alphabet for the Arabic language, and the Latin alphabet for the English languages. Signs in all three languages can be found throughout Israel.

Has Israel done anything good for the world?

Yes. Israel is a highly developed nation with one of the highest standards of living, one of the largest GDP per capita rankings, one of the largest GDPs, one of the best education systems in the world, is not a highly corruptible country, etc. Israel is also a greatly militarized nation, in which i (MORE)

Is a will recognized in Israel that was drafted in the US?

Usually, yes. There are certainly property-transfer laws(especially concerning land ownership) that may not be recognizeddue to Israeli land-transfer laws. (Most of these concern Arabsacquiring land in Israel that is owned by the JNF either directlyor indirectly.) However, most provisions in a US wi (MORE)