What hemisphere is Indonesia in?

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Indonesia is comprised of 17,000 islands. The only hemisphere
in which there is no part of Indonesia is the Western one.

What are the hemispheres?

Our earth is divided into two portions: Northern hemisphere andSouthern hemisphere from north to south respectively. Or you coulddivide it into Eastern and Western hemispheres

Where is Indonesia?

Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia, approximately 6° 10′ 30″ S,106° 49′ 42″

Where is Indonesia at?

Indonesia is located in south east Asia, between the main Asia continent and Australia.

In which hemisphere is Indonesia?

Indonesia is passed through by the equator line, making Indonesia both in the northern and southern hemisphere. It is also in the eastern hemisphere.. Indonesia is in the nor

Where in Indonesia?

Indonesia is north of Australia, southeast of Philippines and south of Malaysia. I hope that answers your question. sucks

What to do and not to do in Indonesia?

To do: - Bow your head when walking in front of people who are sitting. Even better if you say 'excuse me'. - Smile back when someone smile at you. And if that someone starts