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Almost all herbs are good for discouraging insect pests, because almost all herbs have strong scents.sage is helpful planted next to cabbage to improve the taste and repel cabbage worms and moths.Ground pennyroyal is one of the most effective tick deterrents available. Dust powder made from the leaves around areas where the pet sleeps and plays. peppermint also helps to repel ants, aphids, cabbage lopers, flea beetles, cabbage worms, squash bugs and white flies. Plant it near susceptible plants. rosemary leaves that are dried and powdered are used as a flea and tick repellent.basil is a fine culinary herb. When planted in the garden close to tomatoes, it not only improves the taste of the tomatoes but deters white flies as well.Mint, rosemary, rue, tansy, thyme, wormwood, southernwood, lavender, pennyroyal and lemon geranium are all excellent at repelling moths, if you dry bunches of lavender and hang them in the closet, they will repel moths and make your clothes smell good at the same time.
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Which herbs can you grow with your vegetables to help repel insects?

Most aromatic herbs help repel garden pests since the volatile oilsthat they give off interfere with the chemical sensors insects useto locate host plants. Lemon basil, sage a

Where is OFF Insect repellent made?

Answer   OFF! brand insect repellent is made in Racine, Wisconsin by S.C. Johnson and Son, Inc. It is also manufactured in Brantford, ON, Canada. 

What herbs or spices repels biting flying insects?

Answer . In order of effectiveness:. Catnip. Lemongrass. Eucalyptus and friends (Tea Tree, Ravinsara, menthol, etc). Peppermint and friends (other mints... technically

Lemon grass insect repellent?

lemon grass can be used to repel mosquitoes because something in the smell of lemon grass has the power to repel mosquitoes (or kill mosquitoes).

Does insect repellent attract midges?

I sprayed myself with Jungle Formula insect repellent and (much to  the amusement of my fellow campers) I was slowly surrounded by  midges that were attracted to the smell.

Garlic eaten to repel insects?

  is a common myth, it does however makes other people stay away from you and mosquitoes will head for the greatest cocentration of people/

Does deodorant repel insects?

No, deodorant doesn't repel insects. In fact, it attracts them.  Mosquitoes in particular are attracted by pleasant scents such as  perfume, soap and deodorant.

What is the chemical in marigolds that repels insects?

French and African marigolds are often cited as the most powerful Tagetes species for repelling insects. Both contain chemical compounds called thiopenes in their seeds, roots