What hotel and where is Bill Kaulitz room 483?

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If you are referring to the room they wrote the album "Zimmer 483" in it wasn't a room, it was a bungalow in Spain. What hotel it was is a secret, they'll never tell. i dont know what hotel but is somewhere in Mexico City
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Who is Bill Kaulitz?

Bill Kaulitz is the lead singer to German rock band Tokio Hotel. He was born September 1st 1989 in Leipzig Germany to Jörg Kaulitz and Simone. He is known for is angelic voice and being a world renowned star. Bill has been in the spotlight since he was 11 when he came runner up in Star Search. At (MORE)

Where is Bill Kaulitz from?

He was born in Leipzig in east Germany but grew up in a village called Loitsche, near Magdeburg. he comes from east Germany in leipzig Bill And His Twin Brother Tom Were both born in Leipzig, Germany to Simone and Jörg Kaulitz Bill is from Leipzig Germany

Can Bill Kaulitz speak English?

Yes, Bill Kaulitz can speak English. Humanoid is their second album that is released in English. Scream has also been released in English and in 2008 the guys did their interviews in the .U.S. in English.

Does bill kaulitz speak English?

yes, Bill speaks some English and it's improving all the time. he should have learned English and French in school, but as he wasn't the best student...his language skills are actually behind the average German high school student, at least in the urban areas. (though that may warrant him an excuse (MORE)

Who does bill kaulitz like?

He doesn't "like" anyone, as he takes love as a serious thing. The last time he had a relationship was three years ago before the whole fan-mayhem started. Now he doesn't really have the time to get to know a girl due to his busy schedual. Also, he doesn't want this girl to love "Bill", and not "Bil (MORE)

Did bill kaulitz have a girlfriend?

Bill Kaulitz have a new girlfriend her name is Leen D Kaulitz on facebook , but her real name is Linda D , she's from Québec Canada and she is 30+ years old they met on facebook last years and now they are in deeply in love. She inspire him from his new song Hurricanes and suns . You can see her (MORE)

Is Bill Kaulitz dating anyone?

Nope, he doesn't have a girlfriend. He's waiting for his 'love at first sight'. ^_^ . Not right now. Since Tokio Hotel is working on a new CD, they will be staying out of the public eye. Also, Bill has never found anyone that's right for him, but he'll keep looking when he has the chance.

Would bill kaulitz lead singer of tokio hotel ever get married?

probably! but now hes only 18 turning 19 in septemebr 2009! but hes stil looking for the rite girl to come along! in an interview he said he couldn't see himself ever getting married ,but who know he just might ........................................................................................ (MORE)

Did Bill Kaulitz quit Tokio Hotel?

NO! he hasn't of course not. They're still a band and good buddies too. Tons of rumors have been started about them breaking up, but none of them are true.

Do bill kaulitz and tom kaulitz have a pet?

It varies throughout time, depending on which pets are dead. Bill likes dogs. Bill's pets are:A black labrador named Scotty that he got from a shelter a few years ago, and reportedly a cat named Casimir. Bill's more previous pet was a mouse. When that died, Bill wrote his first song. For the mo (MORE)

Are the songs on room 483 English?

Room 483 is the same as Scream, but has a different name, to tie it in with the Zimmer 483 album. So yes they are English. Zimmer 483 = German Room 483 = English

Does Bill Kaulitz go on Habbo Hotel?

No. None of the guys have private accounts on any site. And I don't think they have any interest or even know what Habbo is. Bill didn't even know what Facebook was.

What are facts about bill and tom kaulitz from tokio hotel?

Tom and Bill are identical twins, although their styles are very different. Tom is ten minutes older. They started making music and writing lyrics when they were 9 and called themselves Devilish. They met Georg and Gustav a few years later and formed a band. They changed their name to Tokio Hotel (MORE)

What is bill kaulitz?

HE is a German sex bomb from the awfully successful German band, Tokio Hotel, with hits such as Automatic, Monsoon, World Behind My Wall, ect, ect...

What happened in room 483?

Room 483 was the bungalow where they wrote their album in. So in reality nothing much happened there. In the song Tom calls his hotel room that where he had sex with a girl.

Is Bill Kaulitz underweight?

Yes. (but he takes good care of himself, so he is fine) But his BMI (Body mass index) is 13.5 . Underweight =

What is bill kaulitz favorite movies?

He's most favorite movie is "Labyrinth" from David Bowie, which gave inspration about hair style to him. Also that movie effected him too much. Another favorite movies of him are "Hairspray", "The Notebook", and "The Vow" recently.

Does Bill Kaulitz hate chocolate?

Yes he likes sour candy No I have pics of him dipping fruit in a chocolate fountain so he doesn't hate it but it's not his favorite.

Does bill kaulitz have a stalker?

Nobody knows if he really does have a stalker and if he does than they are doing a really good job at it because they are not getting caught, but many teen girls would admit to wanting to stalk him.

Is bill kaulitz rude?

Not on camera, at least. If he is in real life, then that is a different matter. But from everything I've seen, he is gracious and kind to everyone.

Motto of bill kaulitz?

Bill Kaulitz' motto is what he says always before he performs the song "don't jump" - "Whatever happens, belive in you,belive in tomorrow, belive in love" .

Why is Bill Kaulitz named Bill Kaulitz?

his parents named him bill cause they liked it and his last name is the same as his real fathers though sometimes he'll add his mother and step-faters last name to his own. No it's the fans that keeps adding Trumper to his name. Him and Tom never had that name. Gordon and Simone got married Augus (MORE)

What are the names of Bill Kaulitz girlfriends?

Ina was one who also made a interview with 2 of Tom's ex gf. Linda was one he had during Devilish and she was the one with the longest relationship he had I think. She is also in the Devilish Guestbook. Since Tokio Hotel took off when he was 15, he haven't had any.

Was bill kaulitz turned into a boy?

It's the sperm that carries the chromosomes so already in the womb were Bill and Tom boys, identical twins even from one egg which means from one and the same sperm so they have to be the same sex.

What vampire movie was bill kaulitz in?

He's never been in one. He and Tom were playing twins in a movie when they were very little and apart from that all he has done movie wise is the voice to Arthur in the German version of Arthur and the minimoys .

Why does Bill Kaulitz not date?

Because he's waiting to meet his true love. He doesn't take dating lightly. The exact reason is unknown but, he keeps saying he believes in true love and wants to find it, but I don't think he wants to go through woman like tissues just to find her. Says he wants to meet her by accident...Thats (MORE)

Does bill kaulitz have a mocospace?

No, I doubt he even heard of it. They have said more then once, incl on their homepage, that they have no personal accounts/sites. Just for the band.