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What hurts from kidney stones for men?

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It hurts to pass them through the long narrow urethra. (like a woman giving birth)

There may be a little pain when it is passed through the urethra but normally not that much. The pain from a kidney stone comes when it travels from the kidney to the bladder in a tube called the ureter this tube is smaller and thinner than the urethra. The pain can be caused if it is a jagged stone by it scraping on the sides of the ureter but mostly it is the result of spasms in the ureter as your body is trying to push the stone out.
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Can tea give you kidney stones?

Tea is good for you. It contains antioxidants which are helpful in preventing cancer. Green tea is even better than black tea. Avoid cola drinks and asparagus (or at least cut

How do you get a kidney stone to pass from the kidney?

The kidney stone seldom lodges in the kidney. It passes from thekidney into the urinary tract and can become wedged in the ureterbefore reaching the bladder. One reason for t

Does it hurt to pee out kidney stones?

Generally it does not hurt when the stone actually comes out. The most painful (and trust me it's very painful) part is when it travels from your kidney to your bladder. The t

Who can have kidney stones?

Kidney stones are not unusual; anyone can have them, particularly if they become dehydrated.

What do you do when you have kidney stones?

  Check-Up To A Doctor And Then Later, Drink A Water

Can a kidney stone cause kidney failure?

yup. one way to classify types of kidney failure is the physical area the problem starts. ill name them and put examples... Pre-renal (renal means kidney, Pre means before): -

Do kidneys hurt from dehydration?

  yes, the blood is thicker than normal so your kidneys have to work harder to filter the waste.

Does a kidney stone hurt when it actually comes out?

I personally haven't no will I hopefully ever have kidney stones, but my ex did. The pain is described as "worse than giving birth." I hear it actually hurts more coming out.

What are kidney stones?

Kidney stones occur when crystals form inside the kidney. They  begin microscopically small, and grow over time. Most stones are  passed as tiny grains of sand, while others

Could you have a kidney stone from your right kidney?

Yes, right kidney or left or both or in the bladder or in the ureters. Sorry for your pain, see a Urologist soon to make sure it is a stone in the kidney. stonemkr has a new e

What is the largest kidney stone passed?

The largest kidney stones most doctors ever get to see is the size of a golf ball. So surgeons in Hungary were taken aback when they removed a stone the size of a coconut fro
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Do kidney stones always hurt?

Yes, causes extreme agony around the kidney/ urine area, to the point i had to lie on the floor in the foetal position and stop myself from screaming.

What do you do if your kidneys hurt?

Kidney pain can be a sign of serious illness such as diabetes or polycystic kidney disease, just to name a couple, both of which are potentially fatal. But since there are man