What hurts from kidney stones for men?

What hurts from kidney stones for men?
It hurts to pass them through the long narrow urethra. (like a woman giving birth)

There may be a little pain when it is passed through the urethra but normally not that much. The pain from a kidney stone comes when it travels from the kidney to the bladder in a tube called the ureter this tube is smaller and thinner than the urethra. The pain can be caused if it is a jagged stone by it scraping on the sides of the ureter but mostly it is the result of spasms in the ureter as your body is trying to push the stone out.
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Does it hurt to pee out kidney stones?

Generally it does not hurt when the stone actually comes out. The most painful (and trust me it's very painful) part is when it travels from your kidney to your bladder. The t (MORE)

If your kidney doesn't function can you get a kidney stone?

If your kidneys don't work, you get very ill, very quickly. Kidney stones are irrelevant in this connection. I have kidney failure and one of the first things that happened to (MORE)

How do you get a kidney stone to pass from the kidney?

The kidney stone seldom lodges in the kidney. It passes from the kidney into the urinary tract and can become wedged in the ureter before reaching the bladder.One reason for t (MORE)

Kidney Stone Removal: When is Surgery the Best Option?

Kidney stones are a common problem. They result from chemical imbalances in the urine that can occur when you are dehydrated. Dehydration leads to higher levels of these chemi (MORE)

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What do you do with your kidney stone?

Kidney stones are chunks of material, usually calcium compounds, that form in the kidney and can become lodged in the ureter, which leads from the kidneys to the bladder.Once (MORE)

Are kidney stones worse for men or women?

Kidney stones pass through the ureter (tube from the kidney to the bladder) which is the same diameter and length in men as in women. The stone then has to pass from the blad (MORE)

Does your kidney hurt when you have a kidney stone?

Yes, you may feel pain in your side, which is from the kidney, before the stone enters the ureter. The pain is worse when the stone is in the ureter and will ease when it ente (MORE)

Do you have a stone in you when you have a kidney stone?

Not like a rock, they are usually hard deposits like calcium and are just called stones. These hard deposits look like stones. There are many different types of kidney stones (MORE)