What identification does a Bangladeshi without a British passport but living in the UK need to marry British girl?

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If you are living legally in the UK, your passport should be sufficient identification.
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What are the requirements for a British Citizen to marry an American Citizen with the intention of living in the UK?

You will need to obtain a Fiance visa for the partner who intends to move to the UK. To do this, I would suggest going to the Embassy and obtaining the correct forms. It usually takes anywhere from 3-9 months for the visa to go through the correct channels, but it is worth it in the end. You will ne (MORE)

As a British Citizen by descent how may I obtain British Citizenship for my children without living in the UK?

Answer . Short answer: you probably can't (unless you meet special circumstances such as "working for the crown" or "they can't get any other citizenship").. They do get some benefits through you, however: it may be easier for them to get a Visa, and they may be able to apply for citizenship aft (MORE)

Do you need a visa if you have a British passport?

That depends on where you want to travel. British passport does not need a visa to visit the British Virgin Isles, or Canada, or the USA, or Mexico... and many other places.. What country are you interested in? Answer that, and we might be able to help you with more details. Have fun! ;-)

Does a British child need a passport to fly to Scotland?

Scottish people are also British and hold a British passport. . Those flying from elsewhere in Britain shouldn't require a passport, but they will probably need some form of photographic ID and since children can't drive then a passport is probably the only other form they'll have. It's always best (MORE)

American man marries British woman how do they get him a British passport?

The British spouse would have to apply for the U.S. spouse/partner to have a residence permit ("leave to remain in the U.K.") and then they would have to take up residence in the U.K. for 3 years continuously. (Actually, for 9 months for each of those years). Then the non- E.E.A. partner can apply f (MORE)

How long do you have to wait to get your British passport you are Gambian married to a British lady?

There is no guarantee of a British passport. The process is long and not easy. Firstly you need to get a 'spouse visa' or 'leave to enter' the UK. After 2 years in the UK you can apply for settlement (indefinite leave to remain) if you are still married and living with your wife. If your applic (MORE)

Would an American be able to obtain a visa to live and work in any EU country with a British boyfriend or would they need to be engaged or married and have dual US-UK citizenship?

The American would have to obtain a work visa in the particular EU country of choice in order to work. The popular VISA WAIVER program only allows for a 3-month tourist (no work is allowed). Once the American girlfriend obtains citizenship in an EU country (UK might be the best bet), then both sh (MORE)

Do british passport holders need a visa for srilanka?

British passport holders automatically get 30 days free via when entering Sri Lanka. If you stay ijn Sri Lanka for more than 30 days you need to pay a fee for the time beyond 30 days. So, as long as you are not in Sri Lanka for more than 30 days you do not need to do anything and do not need a visa (MORE)

Do you need a British passport to visit Amsterdam?

You do need a passport to enter Holland from abroad, however it does not have to be British. Check a Dutch government website for more information on visa restrictions for other countries. As Holland is part of the EU, any other European passport holder can enter freely.

Do British passport holders need a schengen visa?

No, of course not. All Schengen Area countries are members of the European Union or EEA. The UK is also a member of the European Union and no visas are required for travel within the EU or EEA. British travelers DO need a passport though.\n. \nA Schengen Visa is a visa which allows the holder to (MORE)

If you hold a British passport do you need a visa for Hawaii?

No, as long as you have applied for ESTA (at https:// esta .cbp.dhs.gov/) and your stay is for a maximum of 90 days for pleasure/business. Work is NOT permitted without a visa.. Note: your British passport MUST state your nationality as BRITISH CITIZEN for you to qualify for ESTA.

Need Mr Schumers help with British passport?

I have to get a new Btitish passport as soon as possible as my cousin died last Friday and his mother is alone and need's my help desperately. She is 93 and is legally dlind and very scared.. I contacted the British Consulate and was told that because I have lost my original [blue] passport, i woul (MORE)

Can you qualify for a British passport if your mother is a British passport holder born in Zimbabwe and your grandfather is a British passport holder born in the UK?

Call the responsible authorities and ask. If you are in countries other than the UK, contact the nearest British High Commission. Answer It depends on individual circumstances. Ancestry is unlikely to be a decisive factor if you are substantially Zimbabwean. You may have to live in the UK for a (MORE)

How does a british man marry a moroccan girl in UK?

\nYou need to follow the local laws regarding marriage license application. Go to the Town Registrar for details.\nIt varies, but generally it requires a party to reside in a place where the license is issued for the marriage for 30 days. There are other circumstances that allow variations.\n. \nTh (MORE)

I am non EU passport holder and I'm going to marry a UK resident with British passport I want to know how long does it will take to get british passport once I'm married?

Well you will need first to apply an Entry Clearance (EC) visa by filling Vaf 4 form and you must include all supporting documents such as you marriage certificate, you and your spouse's passport, prood of your spouse tenancy agreement in the UK and employment status. Once you fulfill all the criter (MORE)

Can you use british expired passport as eligibility to work in UK?

NO - its contents have also expired. If you are a UK Citizan you will have a National Insurance Number (NI Number) This will be one of the first requirements an employer must ask for BEFORE accepting you for employment. A British Citizan offering a passport does so as a form of identification. A UK (MORE)

How long must you have left on a british passport to travel to UK?

Your passport runs out on the date stamped on the identification page. Your return travel date must therefore be before that date. Most EU countries no longer have passport controls on their borders - the controls are only at the borders of the EU itself. Being an island, however, the UK does. So (MORE)

Does a british citizen need a visa to live in UK?

There is a distinct difference between a British Citizen and a British Subject. A British Citizen has free access to all parts of the UK. A British Subject may not. If you are a British Subject, you should check with the British Embassy in your country of residence. Incidentally, a British Citizen d (MORE)

Does a British website need to be hosted in the UK?

Not, not necessarily. The servers can be hosted in various locations around the world, but you may find that the further away the servers are from the user base (so a British website would usually have primarily British users) the slower their connection rate. Also, many search engines factor th (MORE)