What identification does a Bangladeshi without a British passport but living in the UK need to marry British girl?

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If you are living legally in the UK, your passport should be sufficient identification.
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Do you need a visa if you have a British passport?

That depends on where you want to travel. British passport does not need a visa to visit the British Virgin Isles, or Canada, or the USA, or Mexico... and many other places..

How does a british man marry a moroccan girl in UK?

\nYou need to follow the local laws regarding marriage license application. Go to the Town Registrar for details.\nIt varies, but generally it requires a party to reside in a

I am non EU passport holder and I'm going to marry a UK resident with British passport I want to know how long does it will take to get british passport once I'm married?

Well you will need first to apply an Entry Clearance (EC) visa by filling Vaf 4 form and you must include all supporting documents such as you marriage certificate, you and yo

Does a british citizen need a visa to live in UK?

There is a distinct difference between a British Citizen and a British Subject. A British Citizen has free access to all parts of the UK. A British Subject may not. If you are