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What if you had protected sex a week or two after her period but this month she missed her period and has some pregnancy like symptoms is she pregnant or is it stress?

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I think it's stress. but only if the protecion did not buss. if it did then she could be pregnant. Nothing is a 100%. alway's remember that.
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Could you be pregnant if you had sex and then two weeks later had your period and now your period is late and he didn't ejaculate and you don't have any other symptoms of pregnancy?

  Answer     The guy doesn't need to ejaculate to get you pregnant, per-cum has sperm in it. BUt if your first period was normalit is unlikel=y that you are preg

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late for your period but seven pregnancy tests have been negative and could it be stress that is delaying your period?

  Answer     You could be pregnant and it not show on a store bought test. You should go to the DR. or clinic to have a blood test if you feel you are pregnant.

If you have had some pregnancy symptoms but its only been about 3 weeks since you had unprotected sex and your period came 3 days after you had sex are you pregnant?

Most likely not, but it depends on quite a few things. If your period was very light with just blotting, that is common for pregnancy. However, if your period came at the due

Negative pregnancy test after you miss your period for two months could you be pregnant?

  It's possible; Your symptoms of pregnancy will usually appear anywhere from the first week of your expected period to 1-2 weeks after your first week of expected period.

If you miss your period for two months and it says negative on a pregnancy test can you still be pregnant?

If you have had sex it is possible you are pregnant, possibly you were not pregnant when you missed the first cycle but conceived later that month. If you don't get your perio