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What if you take birth control while you're pregnant?

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It happens all the time and there are no known effects to the developing baby. If you start birth control and then find out you're pregnant, you will still have the option of continuing the pregnancy, if you like.
Your baby is gonna be gone
With all medication there are risks, but why take birth control during pregnancy.

if it's to control acne or other conditions I'm sure your doctor will advise against it strongly.

ALWAYS check with your doctor first.
Research has shown that birth control pills taken during the first month or two of pregnancy have no adverse effects on the fetus. Just stop taking them as soon as you find out you are pregnant. Good luck!

It depends on the type of birth control, but you are taking it for other reasons; depression, acne etc have your doctor switch you to another medication.
possibaly it can always check with your doctor but it is strongly advised not to take any medicine while pregnat without talking to your doctor first
I believe that if you take birth control during your pregnancy ....you can harm the child in someway. but if you want to becertain ......... you should talk to your doctor about it......... but if i were you..... don't take birth control during a pregnancy in case u can lose your baby
Don't continue to take it. It could harm the baby and there is no need to take it because you cannot get pregnant again if you are already pregnant
The Pill While Pregnant Could it be harmful? Here are opinions and input:
  • If you accidentally took some birth control and then found out you are pregnant, the baby should be fine. However, see your doctor to make sure you are taking the right steps.
  • Studies have shown that taking birth control pills while pregnant results in an increased risk of birth defects.
  • The writing on the package states "Discontinue use if you become pregnant." If you know that you're pregnant stop taking the pills. (They wouldn't do you much good anyway!)
  • I think what this question is asking is if you're pregnant but don't know it yet and you're still taking the pill, if it's dangerous to the fetus. Well, I'm in that exact situation right now, and my doctor and obstetrician both said not to worry about it.
  • There is no proof that the birth control pill will harm your baby. If you are sure you are pregnant, stop taking the pill and see your doctor. Don't be overly alarmed if this happens. It's happened to others like yourself and the babies turn out perfectly healthy.
  • From what I have read it CAN. Look on any warning labels or the fact sheet sometimes given with the prescription. You should get to your doctor immediately for a test.
  • You REALLY shouldn't be taking birth control if you're pregnant.
  • You have to keep in mind that Yasmin birth control pills are on the FDA pregnancy category X. This means that it has been reported to cause birth defects in an unborn baby. Also remember that Yasmin passes into breast milk and may decrease milk production, so you must talk with your doctor before taking this medication is you are breast feeding.
  • Birth control can cause miscarriages.
  • being pregnant IS birth control!

Yes. if you are pregnante do not use birth contorl. Some say depo is a chemical abortion. and using other birth control while pregnante may cause unwanted birth defects.
If you're thinking about taking an overdose of contraceptive tablets to induce an abortion, you might want to read this first. Firstly, you probably won't be successful, since eight weeks into the pregnancy is far too late for a hormonal termination. If you were to try it anyway and fail, there will be lifelong consequences for your unborn child (and potentially long term consequences for you as well). At week 8, physical abnormalities are probably going to be the main long term effect. My mum took the overdose a bit later in the pregnancy, after week 15 and probably about week 20. After my male bits had completed their development, and during or just before the time the very first, most primitive sex-specific structures were being laid down in my brain. My endocrine system; the brain regions controlling physical sexual processes such as arousal and orgasm; and the regions controlling the deepest-seated instinctive social behaviour, in me all function like those of a woman rather than a man. Apart from a few random quirks, the rest of my brain and psychology (including my sexual orientation) is fully male. So, I have male anatomy but sexual functioning and needs of a woman, a very feminine face and body structure, and a tendency that I can't fully suppress to act like a woman rather than a man in any social situations where there are distinct male and female roles. My brain and psychology is otherwise predominantly male, with a few random female elements thrown in. In other words, I'm a complete mishmash of male and female. All thanks to Mum's actions during one of her self-indulgent "depressive" episodes. Life as a hermaphrodite has had its good points as well as bad ones, but I think that overall my life would have been more enjoyable and a lot less complicated as a normal man.

My mum died just over a year ago from glioma multiforme, an aggressive and incurable form of brain cancer that leads to a progressive loss of brain function. The site the tumour was in meant that she went blind quite early on, then bit by bit lost all sensory and motor functions, while remaining conscious and aware right up to the end. Glioma usually kills in a matter of months but in her case it took nearly 2 years. As the disease progressed, she began to increasingly experience these nightmarish but very vivid hallucinatory attacks. They mostly seemed to be based on actual past events, but distorted so there was never anything joyful in them, only unpleasantness. Sometimes the "plot" progressed in a linear way but quite often she'd get stuck in a loop, repeating the same sequence of emotions, words and actions again and again. No doubt it was just random damage to the memory circuits in her brain, but to me it seemed as if everything bad she'd ever done in life had come back to haunt her. Quite uncanny to watch. For the first year she could still hear us and feel us comforting her and we could bring her back out of the nightmare state, but by her final year of life she had lost most control of movement and nearly all sensory input. We could tell she was still having the hallucinations because she often showed strong emotions and was quite vocal at times. Even very near the end she was sometimes still aware of our presence and even able to converse. But, most of the time completely cut off with only her inner demons for company. We all die eventually but there are good ways and bad ways to go. Hers was not an easy exit. Probably just a coincidence, but hey. I believe that there is such a thing as karma, and if you do evil it always gets to you in the end. My advice is that if you can't get a legal abortion or you've already left it too late, don't ruin an innocent life through a botched DIY abortion. Do the right thing, and just have the baby. If you are unable or unwilling to look after it yourself, there are plenty of childless couples that would love to take care of it and give it the life it deserves.
You definitely shouldn't use it while pregnant.
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How can you tell if you're pregnant while taking birth control pills?

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What are the birth defects from taking birth control while pregnant?

why would u take birth control when ur already pregnant     ANSWER   : YES. It will at the very least dramatically increase your chances of having a baby with birth

How can I be pregnant while taking birth control?

Usually when pregnancy happens while using BCP, it happens when the woman is first put on the pill and not advised to use a condom for the first week, of the first packet. Or

What if you take the birth control pill while you're pregnant?

There has been no evidence that shows that taking the pill in early pregnancy causes any birth defects to the developing fetus. They will not harm or end an existing pregnancy