What if you take the birth control pill while you're pregnant?

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There has been no evidence that shows that taking the pill in early pregnancy causes any birth defects to the developing fetus. They will not harm or end an existing pregnancy, but they are of no use to the pregnant woman.

If you're pregnant and don't want to be, contact your health care provider as soon as possible to talk about options; taking the birth control in the mistaken impression that it can end your pregnancy will only delay definite treatment.

On the other hand, if you're pregnant and would like to continue the pregnancy, stop taking the birth control pill and contact your health care provider to set up prenatal care.
No, not neccassarily but could cause birth defects if you continue taking the pill. Would highly recommend you to STOP taking it because your baby is at risk of problems.
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Can you have your period while you're on the birth control pill?

Yes you can i am on the pill and i get my period every month for about 4 days. Most birth controls have "active" pills which contain the actual hormones that prevent pregnancy, they are a different color from the "sugar" pills which dont have any hormones in them at all. You start with the activ (MORE)

What if you take birth control while you're pregnant?

It happens all the time and there are no known effects to the developing baby. If you start birth control and then find out you're pregnant, you will still have the option of continuing the pregnancy, if you like. Your baby is gonna be gone With all medication there are risks, but why take birth con (MORE)

How can you tell if you're pregnant while taking birth control pills?

is the world going to end ????. maybe you see scientists have discovered that there is a very large piece of the sun about to come crashing down to hit earth although it hasn't fallen yet they seem to find a crack in the sun that splits right through the half of the sun but they also think that it (MORE)

How do you know if you're pregnant if you're on the birth control pill?

I'm not an expert doctor but being a girl, it's not having your period. Not having the normal healthy period you are suppose get after a certain amount of days, or at the end of the birth control pills are used up. That's really the only really sign using it, meaning something had went wrong. tak (MORE)

What if you're bleeding while taking the active birth control pills?

With a conventional birth control pill, you will have a regular period. However, if you are bleeding at a time that is not your regular time, that is called "breakthrough" bleeding. This is common side effect of most birth control pills. The reason is because most birth control have a lower amount o (MORE)

Does ovulation occur while taking birth control pills?

If taken correctly, the answer is no (most of the time, read on to find out why). The purpose of the pill is to prevent ovulation from occurring, so typically an egg is not released therefore pregnancy will not occur. Another thing that the pill does is make the vaginal mucus thicker preventing most (MORE)

What if you get your period early while you're on the birth control pill?

Continue taking your pills until you reach your non-hormone week. Do not stop taking them if your period started early! Start taking the next month on time. You probably started break through bleeding. If you are new to the pill, this should stop after a few months once your body adjusts.

What are the birth defects from taking birth control while pregnant?

why would u take birth control when ur already pregnant. ANSWER. YES. It will at the very least dramatically increase your chances of having a baby with birth defects, especially if that child happens to be a boy. Female steroids harm a male embryo or fetus in particular even BEFORE you know you a (MORE)

If you take birth control pill can you still get pregnant?

Yes. Birth control is not 100% effective against pregnancy. You can still get pregnant, even if you are taking the pill correctly. However, your chances of getting pregnant (assuming that you are taking it correctly) are quite slim.

If you think you're pregnant should you stop taking the birth control pill?

Well if you have taken a home-pregnancy test and it is positive then yes, you should stop. But you should not take the pregnancy test until at least the day of your expected period or 14 days after intercourse other wise your results will not likely be accurate. If you do get a positive pregnancy te (MORE)

Can you get pregnant taking expired birth control pills?

yes because you can get pregnant while on the pill... ANS#2: We have very strict control over all of the oral contraceptives we make at my plant. We test them after retention for varying lengths of time and they need to pass the test in order to get an expiration date. If they would last longer t (MORE)

If you got pregnant while taking a birth control pill are you more likely to get pregnant on an IUD?

Getting pregnant on the pill is unfortunately not that difficult. Miss a pill, or be on a pill that does not contain a high enough dose of hormones for your body and it's about like taking a sugar pill everyday. Except in some drug interactions, the amount of hormone is always strong enough to b (MORE)

What if you get your period while taking the active birth control pills?

If you are on birth control than it is perfectly normal to have your period. Most doctors should tell you that you will have a period. So there isn't anything to worry about. If the period is occasionally coming in the last day or two before the sugar pill it is probably fine. My OBGYN said that I (MORE)

Will it hurt me if i take prenatal pills while on birth control?

No, it won't hurt you. If you plan on becoming pregnant within the next three months and going off BC pills during that time, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins to make sure your body has all the nutrients it needs before becoming pregnant. Then of course you continue taking the prenatal vita (MORE)

Are you protected while taking the sugar pills in your birth control?

When you are on the sugar pills, you have the same protection as onthe earlier active pills as long as you took the previous weeks ofpills as directed. This protection is in place whether you arehaving withdrawal bleeding that day or not. Using a condom furtherlowers the risk of pregnancy, and provi (MORE)

If you're on birth control pills and you're taking them incorrectly can you be pregnant if his sperm entered your vagina?

Yes, in order to prevent pregnancy, birth control pills do have to be taken correctly. Of course, I don't know in what way you took them incorrectly; some errors are more serious than others. The most serious error would be to take them all at once, rather than one at a time on a daily basis. Some p (MORE)

What symptoms can you expect while taking birth control pills?

It just depends on what kind of birth control you take, for me though i got sick for a lil while, and i threw up a couple of times and got my period came earlier then it usually does. But that's because your body will be getting use to the pill.. But other people probably had different symptoms or n (MORE)

What if you bleed while taking the active birth control pills?

I assume you are taking the pill like yasmin or something to that effect. I can honestly say that when you are taking a birth control, it is normal for it to regulate your periods, but honestly, sometimes nature comes before any chemical you can treat it. So if you think this is a major side effe (MORE)

Do you still take birth control pills if you are pregnant?

No you discontinue taking birth control pills when you become pregnant. Birth control is a method used to prevent pregnancy. You are already pregnant so birth control has no use. Also, it may possibly cause bad side effects to continue taking birth control pills while you are pregnant.

How can I be pregnant while taking birth control?

Usually when pregnancy happens while using BCP, it happens when the woman is first put on the pill and not advised to use a condom for the first week, of the first packet. Or if two or more pills are missed in the first or last week of a packet after prior use. Otherwise pregnancy will happen bet (MORE)

Can you take estrogen while taking birth control pills?

Most birth control pills already contain estrogen, and taking more isn't normally done. If your pill does not contain estrogen, there is a medical reason why your health care provider chose that one for you. Talk to your helath care provider to find out why estrogen was prescribed along with the bir (MORE)

Can you get pregnant from pre-ejaculate if you're on the birth control pill?

If 1000 couples use the birth control pill perfectly for a year, three will experience a pregnancy. But people don't use it perfectly, and so three couples in a hundred typically get pregnant during a year of birth control pill use. You're not likely to get pregnant on the pill if you use it correct (MORE)